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About Iceline Hosting

Iceline Hosting offers various hosting services such as game server hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server hosting, and website hosting. Through connections we are able to offer fast and secure hosting, we are very competitive when it comes to other companies! Iceline Hosting has been operating for nearly 7 years; we are available around the clock to assist you and our services are very reliable. If you're still not convinced, come on our live chat and we'll explain why we're the best.

Our Story

In 2012. Temp found a gap in the market for Minecraft Hosting. The majority of the market was filled with overpriced, and under performing Minecraft Server Hosts. MCSpeedHosting was founded in efforts to offer affordable and reliable hosting for Minecraft. In 2014, MCSpeedHosting changed to Iceline Hosting offering a range of Game Hosting from Garry's Mod, to Arma 3. In 2015, the market was filled and Iceline Hosting was slowly losing clients. Iceline Hosting redesigned their website including changing the control panels. We're now in 2019, offering a range of new Hosting services!

Our Goal

When this company was founded, our goal from day one is to offer hosting for a reasonable price along with reliable infrastructure. We never stop trying to impress our customers, and we will only provide the best. We never settle for simply "contempt", but more along the lines of "exceedingly satisfied".

Wide range of services

We offer a wide range of affordable hosting services to kickstart your business or community.
Deploy your server today and we promise a fast, secure, and reliable service for your all hosting needs.

Did you know.. Free Web Hosting is included with VPS Hosting plans!