ARK: Survival Evolved is a sandbox survival game that was released on August 16th, 2017. The game currently has around 50,000+ daily users on Steam and is gaining more players every day. This article will provide you with tips and tricks to help you survive within the ARK world. If you are new to or looking for some advice from those who have been playing for a while, this post is perfect for you! Let’s get started…

1. Gather Resources & Materials

To start off, like most survival games your first aim will be to gather resources and materials. The best way to do this is by chopping down trees which you can then use for crafting. To chop a tree, equip your hatchet and hit the tree until it falls – but be careful not to destroy any bushes or grass around as these are used in taming dinosaurs!

You will also need berries to tame some of the smaller dinosaurs that ARK has waiting for you. If dangerous dinos come near while you’re searching through bushes, just run away before they start attacking. Equally, if other players attack your base, don’t try fighting back unless there are two of you because one on one combat won’t usually work out well!

2. Focus on Taming & Domestication

One of the main things you will want to do early in your ARK: Survival Evolved experience is tame animals and creatures. This can be done by increasing the torpidity of a dino, either through the use of a tranquilizing weapon or a club for example. You can then feed them with an appropriate food item (there are plenty that can be found around the island). Once they’re unconscious you can begin the taming process which will require some time and patience, but is well worth it when your new friend wakes up! We highly recommend you utilize a website called Dododex. It’s an essential tool for any ARK: SE rookies to assist you with the game’s taming system.

3. Unlocking Engrams

When you begin your ARK: Survival Evolved experience, one of the essential tasks is to head over to the engram bench and unlock all available engrams for crafting. This will give you a great advantage as it allows you access to higher-level tools and weapons earlier on in the game which can be crafted from better materials.

For example, it’s a good idea to unlock the Smithy engram as soon as you can so that you can craft metal tools. There is also an engram for upgrading your wooden spear which means there’s no need to constantly run around looking for sticks and stones.

4. Take Advantage of the Day/Night Cycle

As you progress through ARK: Survival Evolved, one thing that will become apparent is how dangerous it can be to explore at night. The island’s creatures are particularly active during this time and if they aren’t killed or tamed then they may well kill you instead! It is therefore a good idea to take advantage of the game’s day/night cycle by gathering resources while things are calm in bright daylight. You should also make your way back to your shelter before night falls so you don’t get taken out by predators on the prowl for fresh meat!

5. Using the Correct Tools

A lot of players will be tempted to craft pickaxes or axes as they make the simplest tools. While it’s true that these are both good enough for gathering most resources, trees can only be harvested by using a hatchet, and chopping down an entire tree is usually easier with a chainsaw! If you’re going to play ARK: Survival Evolved properly then there is no substitute for building up a store of highly advanced materials including plasma cutters and endgame armour sets.

You can even tame certain dino’s which will increase your gathering efficiency with their special abilities. For example, a Woolly Rhino will knock trees down with its charge attack making them easy to chop up while the Dung Beetle can be used to gather spoiled meat which is an important resource for taming carnivores!

6. Playing with Tribes

Tribes are the perfect way to enjoy ARK: Survival Evolved with friends. To start with you’ll need to find or create a tribe, which is easy enough as they are visible on the map and there will be someone nearby if you head out looking for one. Tribes’ sizes vary depending on the server you’re playing, but when you get into the groove it makes for an awesome social experience and can be great fun to work together to achieve common goals.

7. Breeding

While being able to breed dinosaurs sounds awesome, it is actually one of the most time-consuming tasks in ARK: Survival Evolved. You can begin by feeding your dinos their preferred food while keeping them happy and you’ll need a lot of that before you even contemplate getting them together for mating rituals! Once they are ready, tame an opposite-sex pair with plenty of narcotics or narco berries so it will be sedated during the process which takes quite some time. If successful there could be offspring produced…but if not then repeat this over again – yes, really! Breeding creatures may seem like hard work but when you get into it it becomes very rewarding…

8. Player versus Player Combat

In ARK: Survival Evolved multiplayer, you’re going to encounter a few other survivors – and they may not be very friendly! In this kind of setting it really does pay off to have your guard up at all times. If possible it can help to hunt in packs rather than alone or with just one friend – but if somebody else has the same idea then maybe think about giving them a wide berth? Or making friends instead? It’s entirely down to how brave (or stupid) you feel that day…

9. Base Building

If you’re playing on an ARK: Survival Evolved PvP server then the best way to protect yourself and your stuff is by building a base. Make sure all of your walls, doors, and windows can be reinforced so that they’ll hold up against any attacks from players or dinosaurs – not only will this help keep everything safe but it also looks pretty cool too! You can even build some unique structures such as drawbridges for extra protection if you want… just make sure those levers are well hidden somewhere!

10. Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

It can often feel like if something goes wrong in ARK: Survival Evolved then you’re out of luck completely. This is simply not true! If your first attempt at taming a particular dinosaur doesn’t quite work as planned that’s okay – just try again later when you have more experience, better equipment, or stronger dinosaurs for support. And don’t always go charging off into the distance looking for trouble either – make sure to build yourself an impenetrable base too so that even if other players do come after you they won’t get very far…

We hope this guide has helped you…

And that wraps up this blog post… don’t forget to have fun and survive in style with these top tips for success! If you’re interested in getting your own ARK: Survival Evolved server, Iceline Hosting will definitely suit your needs.