Your first base!

So, you just spawned in on Rust and you’re confused on where to start or how to even build a base. Hopefully, after reading this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of base building works and how to stay safe when you log off your Rust server hosting in the hostile environment that Rust brings. When starting a base, there is one main thing that you need to get starter – wood. To collect wood, you simply use any tool like your starting rock or a hatchet and hit any tree or downed log you see. Make sure you see this pop up to make sure you are collecting wood.

You’ll need to get enough wood to craft a Tool Cupboard (also known as a TC). One TC costs 1,000 wood, so a good amount of wood to start with would be about 6,000. This will make it so only you (and friends) can craft near your base. To craft one, press ‘Q’ on your keyboard to open the crafting menu. You can look in the “Construction” tab or simply search “Tool Cupboard” to find it, you should see this.

Click craft and wait the 30 seconds that it takes. We will also need a door and a lock to keep people out. If you are playing by yourself, a simple key lock is enough as you do not need a key to actually open the door. However, if you are playing with friends on your Rust server hosting, a code lock is recommended. So, let’s craft a lock and a door.

Now that we have our main components for our base, we will need the tools to construct the building blocks. You will need a Building Plan and a Hammer. These can be found in your crafting menu similar to previous items. Once you have a Building Plan and your wood, let’s place our foundations. Take out your Building Plan and you should see a blue shape of what you will placing down.

Foundation footprint

Let’s create four of these in a square, this will be our starting foundation for our starter 2×2. Next, let’s choose the wall building block from the Building Plan wheel. To do this, equip your building plan and hold right-click. You should see a wheel like this.

Go to the wall block and left click to select it. Now, this is very important. When placing walls, rotation does matter! One way is much easier to raid than the other. You can rotate walls by pressing ‘R’ on your keyboard. The inside wall should look like this when placing.

Correct way for a wall from the inside of your base.

The following is what you should not see when placing the wall from inside your base.

Incorrect way when placing from inside your base.

You always want the smooth side on the outside of your base to make it stronger and harder to raid against. Now that you understand walls, place walls around seven of the eight sections, you should get something like this.

Now let us place that doorway, similar to selecting the wall building block, select the doorway block.

Similar to the correct wall placement, doorways work the same way, place the smoother side towards the outside of the base. You should get something like this.

Now let us top the base off with a roof. Again, like the walls and doorway, select the floor building block.

Now place four floors above you to close off the base. We now have the shell complete, now all that is left is placing the door and lock, placing our TC, and upgrading the walls. Let’s upgrade all of our building blocks to wood first. Take out your hammer and right-click. You should see the upgrade wheel. We will start by upgrading our base to wood, we can upgrade later to stone, metal, or armored.

After upgrading all your walls, floors, and ceilings, your base should look something like this.

Now it’s time to place your door. Equip your door and point it in the doorway, you should see a blue outline like this. You can either have it open inwards or outwards, it is up to you.

Left-click and the door should drop into place. Now let us add that lock we crafted earlier. Equip it and click on the door. You should now see a new lock on the door. It should look like this.

Wooden door with a lock on it.

To lock the door, look at the lock and hold ‘E’ on your keyboard. You should see a wheel pop up. You will want to select “Lock” to lock the door. It should look like this.

Once locked, the little green box that was on the lock should turn red.

Now your base is locked! Finally, let’s place that Tool Cupboard. Equip it and place it anywhere in your base. Our team at Iceline Hosting recommends a corner like the one opposite that of the door. The inside of your base should now look something like this.

Empty wood starter base with a TC and wooden door.

Now, the main components of your base are done! But, you may now notice a new pop up above your health.

Your building is decaying! This means after a while, your base will start to fall apart. To fix this, all we have to do is add wood to our TC. When you upgrade later down the road, the material will change with the type of material your base is made of. You can see the cost of upkeep by opening the TC (press ‘E’ on it). The number may vary on the type of Rust server hosting server you are playing on, but in this case, it costs 157 wood per day. Place some wood in there and your base will no longer decay!

Now that your base is built and TC has resources to stop it from decaying, we can now fill it with “stuff.” The first thing you are going to want is a sleeping bag. This is where you will respawn when you die. Sleeping bags costs 30 cloth to craft. To gather cloth, simply pick three hemp bushes or kill animals and harvest them for cloth. Once crafted, place it wherever suits you best.

You can even rename it to make it easier for yourself to know where each bag is located if you have multiple. This can be done by clicking ‘E’ when looking at the bag.

Now you have a respawn point for when you die. Now you may be asking, “Where does all the loot I just got go?” Well, let us make storage boxes for all that loot. You will need 100 wood for one small wooden box. You can craft the large one, but that requires metal which you may or may not have yet. Place that box in your base and open it up to place stuff inside.

The next thing you will want to get is a furnace on your Rust server hosting server. This is not immediately important, but it is what you should aim at getting after your base is complete as it will be required for upgrading defenses and gear later on in your Rust experience. One furnace will cost you 200 stones, 100 wood, and 50 low-grade fuel. Stone and wood are easy to get, but low-grade fuel is just a little harder. You can either craft it by using cloth and animal fat (which can be obtained by harvesting animals) or by refining crude oil in an oil refinery. These furnaces are used for smelting metal ore, sulfur ore, and high-quality metal ore which are used for numerous things like metal doors, weapons, and explosives.

Another thing you may want to add is an airlock. The most common type of airlock for a 2×2 is one triangle foundation connected to the main door with another doorway with another door. They look like this.

Basic airlock

This prevents enemies from “going deep” or getting your loot, making your base on your Rust server hosting server just a little safer.

And that’s it! Hopefully, you found this guide helpful for getting your first base in Rust up and running. Make sure to check out our other guides to help you with your first days in Rust. Stay safe and trust no one.

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