Collecting resources and hitting trees and rocks tends to get repetitive after a while, so raiding in Rust can spice up your gameplay and allow you to interact more directly with other players by raiding their bases.

What is raiding in Rust?

Raiding player bases is when you destroy the players base’s walls and gain access to the goods inside of their base. One of the major things you should go for is the tool cupboard. This allows you to prevent other people from building blocks, placing, or picking up deployables within an area around the base. Control of the tool cupboard also means that you will not be targeted by any flame turrets or shotgun traps within the cupboard’s radius.

Player hitting wall of a base with pickaxe

How do I prepare to raid?

When it comes to raiding bases, you need to have a good plan. You should have an inventory flush with items that make your raid as easy as possible. Everything in your inventory should be there for a reason (make sure you leave room for your loot!).

Some of the things you’ll need in your inventory when your go raiding on your Rust game server hosting server can include the following:

  • Armor – Even if you don’t have any lower body armor, having a helmet is the bare minimum you should have when going to raid bases of other players.
  • Firearms – Guns are very important to have with you in your raid because, while they may attract unwanted attention, guns are more reliable than other forms of weaponry.
  • Melee Weapons – You should use melee weapons most of the time as you can run out of firearm ammunition very easily. Make sure that you hit flesh with the weapon as hitting armor with melee weapons won’t do much to help your raid.
  • Healing Materials – Being able to heal yourself in the raid you are conducting is extremely important because you will almost certainly take damage and recovering from that damage is very important.
  • Explosives (optional) – The use of charges, rockets, and grenades can be great additions to the rest of your raid materials and will allow you to deal extra damage and break-in easier.

While not all items here are necessary, having more variety will allow you to be more prepared for different situations and people inside of bases. Also, keep in mind that some items do require additional materials, higher-tier workbenches, or other research/resources you may not have yet on your Rust gamer server hosting server at Iceline Hosting.

How do I know what materials I need to do a raid?

When preparing for your raid, it is important to not over-pack your inventory as it will restrict the number of items you can take back with you from the raid.

It is also important to consider the strength of the base you plan on raiding as well as its inhabitants.

Image showing different types of walls and their health value, the strongest walls being on the left side, with weaker walls on the right side.

Generally, the best bases to go for are bases with walls that have health values between 250 and 2000. Depending on how far you’ve advanced the game, it might be better to start raiding bases that are closer to 500 – 250 and then move up to stronger bases as your progress. Keep in mind that the higher the health value of the walls of a base, the more likely the inhabitants are going to be armed with strong munitions.

It is also important to consider door strength alongside base walls.

Getting Ready To Strike

Before The Strike

When getting ready to strike, you should try and get a team together and designate an experienced raid leader to make sure the raid goes smoothly.

If you cannot get a team together or prefer to go solo, here are some helpful tips for raiding on your Rust game server hosting server:

  1. Keep your cool – It is important to remain calm and think clearly as it is easy to get worked up in intense situations.
  2. Heal up and eat – It is important your stats are as high as they can be as you are bound to take some hits when raiding, especially alone.
  3. Create a raid base – Even if your raid base is 1×2, it is important to have at least a small structure to store your loot and respawn in the event of anything going wrong.

Strike Time

When approaching the base you’re raiding, it is a good idea to look for weaknesses in the base that would allow you to get in easier. Knowing how to locate these weaknesses is crucial because, without an entrance to the base, there won’t be a raid.

Once you are inside, your first priority should be to get to the cupboard in the base as it is the heart of the base and allows you to take control of the base’s structure and lock others out of the base.

Watch Out For Traps

When raiding, it is important to be on the lookout for traps as traps could mean the end of your raid and your belongings.

Some common traps to look out for on Rust game server hosting servers are:

  • Turrets – Auto turrets are difficult to go up against but a few explosives or explosive rounds of ammunition can take it out with no sweat.
  • Traps – Shotgun traps are another thing to look out for as they, while not able to turn like the auto-turrets, usually end up causing death to unsuspecting raiders.
  • Spikes – While spikes do not do much damage if you just walk up against them, if you fall down onto the spikes, it could mean severe damage or death.
  • Mines – Try to be careful around mines and keep a vigilant eye out as you are as good as dead if you step on one.

Raid Successful!

Congrats! You’ve successfully completed a raid on a base and are reaping in the goods you’ve collected from inside!

Your next steps should include making sure that you bring your stats back up (if you haven’t already) by eating and healing yourself and make sure that you protect your goods in a secure base!

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