At Iceline Hosting, we understand the passion and dedication that goes into creating and managing a FiveM server. That's why we're thrilled to offer our clients a FREE basic server pack, designed to get your server up and running with ease. Our partnership with Power Development allows us to provide a one-click installer QBCore server pack, which includes over 200 scripts, 22 pre-configured jobs, and 40 vehicles. This exclusive offer, typically valued at over $100, is available only to Iceline Hosting clients.

We believe that every gaming community deserves the best possible start, and with our server pack, you're well on your way to creating an immersive and engaging environment for players. Whether you're new to server hosting or looking to enhance your current setup, our server pack is the perfect solution, offering both variety and quality without the usual costs.

Join the Iceline Hosting family today and take advantage of this incredible offer, because we're not just providing a service—we're building communities. Experience the difference with Iceline Hosting, where your gaming vision becomes a reality.

How to Gain Access to the FiveM Server Pack

FiveM Server Hosting - Iceline Hosting

To gain access to the FREE FiveM server pack you'll need to purchase Server Hosting for FiveM with Iceline Hosting:

Step 1 - Purchase a Server

FiveM Server Hosting Plans - Iceline Hosting
  • Go to our Server Hosting for FiveM page
  • Choose the plan that suits your needs and click on Get Started. Don't worry, you can always upgrade later if required.
  • You'll be redirected to the Shopping cart, click on Checkout.
  • Fill in your details to create a new account or login into your account, then select a payment method and click on 'Complete Order'.
  • Pay for the invoice.
Use promo code "POWERDEV" for 15% off your first month!

Step 2 - Install Server Pack

  • Go to the Iceline Game Panel
  • Locate your FiveM server and navigate to it
  • Go to "Mods" page
  • The server pack is called "Iceline X Power - Free Basic Server Pack"
  • Follow the instructions below to Install/Configure the server pack
Iceline Game Panel - FiveM Mods Page

How to Install/Configure the FiveM Server Pack

Step 1 - Install Server Pack

  • Go to databases and create a database, the name can be anything
  • Go back to "Mods" page and install the FiveM server pack
  • The auto-installer will extract the necessary files and import the SQL file to your database

Step 2 - Configure MySQL String

  • Go to "Files" and find your "server.cfg" file
  • Edit your MySQL connection string and enter your database details found on the database tab


set mysql_connection_string "mysql://u23673_12345:mysecurepassword@"

  • Save the file and start your server
  • The Iceline X Power Server pack is now installed on your server, enjoy!

Looking For Something More Unique or Advanced?

Did you know through our partnership with Power Development we also offer an Advanced Server Pack?

Jumpstart your FiveM roleplay experience with our pre-configured server pack! It comes loaded with advanced scripts, a wide variety of clothing, an arsenal of weapons, and over 300 vehicles. With more than 200 scripts and 30+ jobs, it’s the perfect foundation for your community server. Plus, we’ll handle all the installation and setup, ensuring you can dive straight into the action. Start your immersive roleplay journey today with our advanced FiveM server pack!

Advanced Server pack can be purchased @

And with that, we've reached the end of this blog, feel free to check our Knowledgebase for new guides to help you get started with your FiveM server. Do you have any questions? Please open a ticket or contact us through a live chat, we'll be happy to help!