In this post, we will be showing you the easiest ways to get skins for Rust. In Rust skins have become a fashion accessory, before the team system, you and your friends would need to wear identical clothing so you do not accidentally shoot each other.

Steam Market:

This is the Page for the Steam skin market, it has a lot of Categories for every game, on the right side you can easily select Rust as the filter and it will show only skins for Rust. (as seen above after the filter is selected)

To purchase a skin from the Market, you need to click on the skin, and this will pop up, you will wanna click “Buy” and than a window will come up with your info so you can buy the skin, or send an offer.
Also, to get to the Market, click community and than click Market, and it will bring you to the Market page shown in the first image.

Rust Item Store:

Shown above is a picture of the current (or possibly not current) skins being sold from the Rust Item Store. These skins change on or about every Thursday with new skins that the FacePunch team approves.

You can also access the item store from the in game Menu by simply clicking on “Item Store”

Skin Trading:

To get to where this button is, simply hover your mouse on your profile name beside Community and than click “Inventory”

Another way to get skins is by trading current skins you have with other people on your friends’ list or with random people. PLEASE NOTE: Trading with people you don’t know can be kind of Sketchy, make sure you have 2FA enabled on your steam account as you need to confirm the trade on your Steam Authentication app, that way you do not get scammed.

After clicking the Trade Button, this is the window that will pop up, here you can view any incoming offers, what offers you sent, Trade history, as well as a couple of helpful links if you have questions.

By the end of all your trading, you can view the skins you have gotten by hovering over your name at the top of the steam page, and clicking “inventory” and select Rust to view the skins you purchased.

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