In Minecraft 1.17, the recent Cave & Cliffs Update – Part 1 has been introduced! This update will allow you to explore a brand new cliff and cave generation algorithm that generates cliffs, overhangs, and caves in terrain. There are also improvements made to how waterfalls work as well as other bugs fixed. If you’re intrigued to give this update a go, definitely give the following blog post a read to view some of the essentials!

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Minecraft Cave & Cliffs New Mobs:

Goats: These are peaceful mobs that tend to hang around in herds. You’ll mainly find them in mountainy areas, be warned that if you get too close they may try to ram you!

Axolotl: This is a new friendly mob that will follow you if they like your company. You can tame them by giving them fish and after some time the axolotl will change into different colours depending on how well-fed it is!

Glow Squid: The glow squid only comes out at night, as well as in dark underground water sources. They give off a small amount of light and also emit large amounts of ink which can be used to dye white cloth, the ink sacs obtained after killing these mobs are good for potion making too!


Azalea Bushes: A new plant that can be found in the Birch forest biome. You can use bonemeal on these bushes to grow them into azalea trees.

Cave Vines: Cave vines can be found growing on cave walls and will grow back very quickly once mined. These vines make the perfect natural ladders for climbing up any wall!

Rooted Dirt: This new dirt variant is found at the bottom of caves and on cave walls. It can be used to craft mossy cobblestone, which is very useful for crafting nature-themed items!

Glow Berries: These new plants can be found in the dark depths of caves and will emit a light level that is similar to Jack ‘O’ Lanterns.


Deep Slate: These rocks can be found deep in the caves and are perfect for getting large quantities of cobblestone!

Copper Ore: This new ore can be found in caves and actually oxidizes. It has three additional stages — exposed copper, weathered copper, and oxidized copper. These different stages have different appearances so can be great additions to creativity when building.

Amethyst: Amethyst can be found in caves and is used to craft new items such as tinted glass and spyglasses. You’ll find clusters of amethyst that, when mined, turn into shards.

Powder Snow: This new substance can be found in snow biomes at high altitudes. Ensure to equip some leather boots as this block actually acts as a trap and you’ll start sinking without a pair of these.

Pointed Dripstone: A new addition for the ‘dripping’ category, pointed dripstone is sharp and can be found in white clay-like structures.

Candles: Similar to torches, this new addition can be placed on most blocks within Minecraft. As an added bonus, these candle’s come in 16 different colours!

Moss Block: This new block can be found in caves and when placed on the side of a cave wall or ceiling, will spread to cover it.

Craftable Items:

Spyglass: This useful tool allows you to see much further than the naked eye. It acts almost like the zoom feature built within the Optifine mod, but even better.

Lightning Rod: This new item will protect your precious builds from any damage caused by lightning within an 8×16 radius. Place one of these on top of your base and you’ll never have to fear for your base being burned to the ground again!

When Is Minecraft Cave & Cliffs Part 2 Update Released?

There isn’t an exact date confirmed for Minecraft 1.17 Cave & Cliffs Part 2, however, it’s expected to release later into 2021. If you’re interested in what part 2 of this magnificent update will bring to Minecraft, then keep an eye out on our blog!

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