Minecraft has gone from an unknown indie game to a cultural phenomenon. The game was originally released in 2009, but it grew so quickly that it became the second best-selling video game of all time within two years. How did this happen? In this blog post, we will look at Minecraft’s history and discuss what makes Minecraft so popular!

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Minecraft has an interesting history. It was originally created by a developer named Markus Persson, who goes by the pseudonym “Notch”. Notch had been developing video games for several years and Minecraft was his newest creation. At first glance, Minecraft might look like many other indie games; it is a sandbox game with pixelated graphics that have no plot. However, Minecraft is unique because the game continues to receive updates from its developer and has been built up by a community that consistently supports Minecraft through playing it and creating fan art.

A combination of factors helped Minecraft become so popular. First, Notch’s dedication to developing Minecraft for years after its original release led to new features added with each update. Second, Minecraft was free which made it easy for people to try out or share the game without any cost. And finally, while other games might attract players but lose them quickly as they grow bored of playing alone, Minecraft’s open sandbox-style encouraged creativity in building structures and even inspired several video games based on this idea such as Junk Jack.

Minecraft’s massive success was its ability to capture the attention of players. As Minecraft is still being updated and developed, Mojang continues to add more features like the Nether update that added new blocks and enemies, which keeps bringing players back to the game.

Minecraft fans are also encouraged by Mojang’s active engagement with them through social media and events where they can meet other Minecraft enthusiasts in real life — a phenomenon known as “Minecon”. This popularity has led to an explosion in fan sites dedicated to learning new tricks and tips about how best to play the game. It also allows fans to share mods, texture packs, and skins for others’ enjoyment too!

The game has also been a hit with many YouTubers, as their channels have jumped in popularity since they started playing Minecraft. Some of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers include The Diamond Minecart and PopularMMOs (now known as Dan TDM). These YouTube personalities are often paid to play or review games for bigger companies, and Minecraft is one of their most popular.Here at Iceline Hosting we use our Youtube account to demonstrate tutiorals on how easy it can be to manage and create your own game server!

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