If you’re an avid Minecraft player, then chances are that you’ve played Minecraft for a long time. You might even be wondering what Minecraft mods to download in order to enhance your experience and make the game more interesting. We have put together the Minecraft top 10 mods list to help you find the perfect option! We will share our list of some of our favourite and essential mods so that you can choose which ones are right for you!

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Optifine: Minecraft is a great game, but it can be slow at times. Minecraft mod Optifine enhances the images and graphics of Minecraft to make them run more smoothly on your computer. This means that Minecraft will run faster than ever before whilst still retaining a great quality! Additionally, Optifine can also be used to install Shaderpacks to improve the overall look of your game.

Not Enough Items: Minecraft can be confusing at times, especially if you’re running a rather large mod pack. Minecraft mods like Not Enough Items help to make Minecraft more accessible and easier for all ages. This mod allows the player’s inventory screen to show crafting recipes through an easily accessible interface.

BuildCraft: Minecraft’s BuildCraft mod allows players to automate many repetitive tasks within their world, for example, pipes can automatically collect items and transport them around your Minecraft world! Essentially, this mod converts vanilla through its own industrial revolution.

JourneyMap: Minecraft’s JourneyMap mod allows players to see their current location within the Minecraft world. Also, this map displays surrounding areas of interest and can be easily configured for different uses! For example, one could use it to utilize as an in-game GPS to find your way home without getting lost, you can even set waypoints that display as beacons — awesome!

Galacticraft: Minecraft’s Galacticraft mod allows for space travel and moon exploration! Also, this mod adds a variety of new dimensions to explore with the sole purpose of traveling through them all by spaceship. Even better is that players can build their own spaceships from scratch, add thrusters and armour plating — even more amazing! But seriously, this Minecraft Mod will keep you entertained for hours on end due to its massive gameplay possibilities.

BetterPortals: BetterPortals adds a new layer to Minecraft by introducing improved portals, which can be used both for traveling and building. Once installed, players will have the ability to create three different types of portal frames using block materials such as stone brick or iron ingots. Even better is that these frame-blocks get combined with glass panes in order to make some really awesome-looking structures. Finally, this mod also includes a cool feature that enables you to build your own teleporting network!

Inventory Tweaks: Inventory Tweaks is a Minecraft mod that helps you to manage your items and inventory. This Minecraft mod can sort your Hotbar, crafting grid, or player armour by dragging the item over its icon. You can also easily move items between inventories with just one click! Inventory tweaks make all these actions much easier for Minecraft players who need an extra hand when managing their items and inventory space.

ComputerCraft: ComputerCraft is an expansive programming-based mod that adds computers, monitors, and robotics into the game. Players can use their computer connected with Redstone circuits to create sophisticated programs or even small working games within Minecraft itself! You can also control your world by making anything from automatic farms to complex transport systems using the power of the Lua scripting language.

Backpacks: This mod’s pretty self-explanatory but Minecraft’s vanilla inventory system is a little bit limited. Backpacks, put simply, is Minecraft’s version of a bank or bag slot — but it can do so much more! Along with expanding the number of slots, these new bags and backpacks come complete with their own special features such as mini-games within Minecraft itself!

Biomes O’ Plenty: Minecraft’s world generation is a fantastic sight to behold but it can look better! Minecraft Biomes O’ Plenty adds over 75 new biomes, each one with its own special features. Discover crystalline caverns and massive marauding oceans or find the mystical floating islands created by Taichi Panda fans — Minecraft has never looked so good (or had such awesome mods).

What’s Your Favourite Mod?

This pretty much wraps up today’s blog post, we hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of some of the best Minecraft mods out there.

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