Minecraft is a game that has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Minecraft SMP stands for survival multiplayer and refers to one of the modes in which players can play Minecraft online. This article will help you understand what an SMP is and how it differs from other modes such as creative or adventure mode. If you’re interested in what different modes Minecraft SMP has to offer, then be sure to give this post a read!

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Vanilla is the core Minecraft experience. This means that there are no mods or plugins installed, and players only have access to what is available in the standard game mode. This mode is still loved by many, and it’s even more entertaining when playing on an SMP server with friends! You can still put many hours into Vanilla, however, you just won’t get the benefits that other modes may provide.


Semi-Vanilla Minecraft SMP is slightly different from Vanilla, in that it has additional features. These might be plugins or mods to the game which provide extra utilities and items for players within their worlds/servers. However, they stay relatively true to what the base game offers with a few more methods to keep you entertained. An example of a semi-vanilla server is giving players the ability to use commands such as ‘/tpa’ which allows them to request to teleport to another player.


Modded Minecraft SMP servers are generally very different from vanilla. They will make use of mods that can give players a lot more abilities and items, these could range from teleportation spells with the ability to fly, completely new progression paths, or even just modifications on every aspect of the game such as making it possible for ores to appear in your inventory when breaking blocks.

However, this is not always the case as there might be some modded servers that have been created by developers who want to create their own experience without using any other mods at all! It does mostly depend on what you’re looking for — if you don’t mind playing with lots of enhancements then this may be something worth checking out however if you’re just starting out we’d definitely recommend you give Vanilla Minecraft a play first.


In this mode there are no rules — you can pretty much do whatever you want on an Anarchy server without any consequences from other players or admins! There’s just one catch to Anarchy that may put some people off which is that if a player does something bad, like griefing for instance, then there’s nothing stopping them from doing it again! This means they could go on a rampage and destroy everything in sight, creating quite a toxic environment. However, as long as there aren’t too many cheaters around things shouldn’t really be an issue.


In this mode, players will be allowed to form groups and factions with the aim of taking over and claim as much land as possible. The way it works is that each player can claim chunks of land using faction flags or power which they place on their claimed chunk so other people know not to mess with it! In Factions, you’ll often find yourself encountering many PvP battles too, giving those who crave action a perfect taste of the game.


Another fan favourite SMP game mode is Towny, similar to factions but less PvP heavy. Towny servers allow players to create towns of their own. You can claim chunks of land and apply them with the restrictions of what kinds of people are allowed in it (for example only friends), this means that when you’re exploring your town there won’t be any strangers around! Towns work on a system similar to factions but allow more freedom when creating rules for who’s allowed in, etc. If you enjoy the land claiming mechanic of factions, but aren’t a fan of the PvP, this is definitely the game mode for you.

Have You Decided?

These are just a few of many survival-multiplayer game modes Minecraft has to offer, so we hope this guide has provided you with an insight into which one may just be perfect for you! If you’re looking for a method to find great servers, we recommend you check out this site.

Of course, you can play Minecraft offline/single player, but then you’d be missing out on all the great experiences that Minecraft SMP has to offer. So, why not get a group of friends together, and start your own Minecraft server with Iceline Hosting today!