In this guide, we will go over the basic controls that you need to know in order to play Rust. After this, you should understand how to do the basics and how to change any control and perform any action you want. Keep reading to learn more and start your Rust server hosting services at Iceline Hosting today!


Just like many other FPS games, Rust uses the standard WASD to move. Similarly, SHIFT is used for sprinting, CTRL is used for crouching, and SPACEBAR is used for jumping. All of these default keybinds can be changed within the controls settings in the options. You can also freelook while running. To do this, hold your left ALT key and look around with your mouse.

Binds for movement


Attacking in Rust is also similar to other FPS games with left click being your primary attack. Left-clicking with weapons will shoot or swing them depending on if it’s a gun or a melee weapon. Right-clicking with a weapon will aim down your sights. However, right-clicking with a tool will put it into a throwing mode which lets you throw it at someone.

A player getting ready to throw his axe

Around the map on your Rust server hosting server, you will also find little rocks, hemp plants, or food (mushrooms, berries, potatoes, etc.). You can pick all of these up with your use key. By default, this key is “E”. Press this on any of those items and it will be added to your inventory. The same goes for dropped items from players or opening doors.


Rust has two forms of communication, voice and text chat. To talk in voice, by default, your key is “V”. You will know if you are transmitting if you see this icon at the top middle of your screen.

Active voice chat icon

However, if you see the same icon with a lighter color, that means you are pressing your voice transmit key but you aren’t speaking or your mic cant pick you up.

Inactive voice chat icon

To talk in chat, the default key is “T”. You will see this box pop up. Type whatever you want and press ENTER to send your message.

Chat box for global chat

If you are in a team, you can type in team chat. To switch to team chat, press TAB, you will then see this instead letting you know you are in team chat.

Chat box for team chat


To get into a crate, press your use key, which is “E” by default. Once in, left click and drag things to and from your inventory, or right click on anything to have it automatically move between loot containers. You can also loot multiple items at once by holding “H” and hovering over items, this is a very quick way to loot crates or drop off resources from a long day of farming.

What holding “H” and hovering over loot does

Other Basic Controls

There are a couple more basic controls you should know for a successful session on your Rust server hosting servers.

Rust comes with a map that shows you where you are and any members of your team are. To open your map, press “G”. You can right-click to move the map around and you can also use your scroll wheel to scroll in or out.

To reload any weapon, press “R” and wait for the animation to finish and your weapon will be reloaded.

Change Any Key Bind

If you would like to change any of the key binds, you can do so in the options. Press ESCAPE -> OPTIONS -> CONTROLS to open all the key binds. In there you can change any key bind you want.

Control option screen


Now you understand the basic controls in Rust and know how to change them if you ever need to!

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