2020 was sure a year of uncertainty and was very strange to say the least. However, Facepunch is still working hard to provide some crucial updates to the game Rust. In this year of Rust, Facepunch has added many new crucial features to the game such as:

  • Ring Road
  • Modular Turrets
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Farming 2.0
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Electric Heaters
  • Rust+
  • Modular Vehicles
  • Airwolf, Boat shop, and stables
  • Mixing table
  • Elevators
  • Weather system
  • Telephones
  • Tech Trees
  • And many many more improvements and fixes

In 2021 Facepunch plans to add in a lot more features and continue making the game better each month.

Twitch Drops:

This month’s update also brings us (players) a chance to receive some awesome skins for Rust. To participate in these twitch drops all you have to do is connect your twitch account to your Rust account and watch your favorite streamers play! It is really as simple as that!

Twitch Drop's Rewards for watching any Rust streamer

Additionally, you can watch Auronplay, Jacksepticeye, lilypichu, ludwig, Myth, pokimane, shroud, Sykkuno, and xQc to earn unique drops that can only be earned from watching these channels.

Twitch Drop's Rewards for watching specific Rust streamers.

Blueprint Wipe:

For the first time in a very long time, Rust is forcing a blueprint wipe across all servers. Facepunch feels that with last months update (Tech Trees) everyone should be now put on a level playing field no matter which server you choose to play on! They also mentioned that you shouldn’t expect another forced blueprint wipe anytime soon!

Server Save Backups:

Rust is now introducing server saves and backups. Recently, there was a bug in Rust that caused EU2 to get wiped mid-month for the Christmas patch. They now claim that the bug is now resolved, with that they also introduced a new server convar “server.saveBackupCount” which gives you some control over the number of backup copies to keep (default and minimum value is two). If you ever need to restore a backup, simply remove the number suffix on the save’s file name (ex: craggy.sav.2 -> craggy.sav).

Centralized Banning:

Rust has created a new system for banning. This means that if you are someone who runs multiple Rust servers you can use this system to merge all the bans across all of your servers.

Server Capacity:

This month the game Rust is hoping to see a rise in current player count. This is great news! However, some of us might be thinking with more players the worst servers can get. However, that is not the case here! Facepunch is currently added new servers and has already added 13 new official servers today. They will be releasing more servers and announcing that over Twitter and Discord!

Purchase Rust Hosting:

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To read the full January update blog you can go to Facpunch’s Rust blog here.