Welcome to this month’s addition to the Rust update blog – March 2022. This month’s Rust update contains content such as new monument lighting, world models, soundtrack release, quality-of-life changes, fixes and more. This month’s update mainly consists of the new monument lighting by adding visual improvements to some of the older monuments to get them more consistent with the quality of the game’s newer content. If you want to start a Rust server, we can help! Iceline Hosting offers Rust hosting services!

Monument Lighting

As mentioned previously, some lighting changes have been made to older monuments to be up to standards of newer content. Examples include changes such as darkening volumes to interiors to stop them from appearing too bright during the day, tweaking the existing lighting in the game and some new lights and effects.

As a result, the interiors within the game should feel significantly darker and more atmospheric. The monuments that’ve been changed so far include the Supermarket, Oxum’s Gas Station, Bandit Camp, and Launch Site. Facepunch also intend to renovate more of them in the future.

World Model Update

A minor, but nice change – some assets that needed world models and some that just needed refreshing have been implemented into the game now. Such as improved food assets, meds and more.

Improved Vehicle Body Visuals

Facepunch has also been actively trying to find new ways to improve the overall visual experience when driving vehicles in Rust. They’ve gone for a new approach of using a full-body mesh with tweaked hand logic. This is supposedly most obvious for the Snowmobile, driver seat of the Modular Cars, Workcart, but generally less obvious on the Minicopter and Scrap Helicopter.

What these changes in effect do, allows for highlighting the hand IK on vehicles such as the Snowmobile so you’re actually able to see your arms turning whilst driving. As well as this, there is also slight camera movement if the player leans to the side or moves.

General Quality of Life Fixes

There are a few of Facepunch’s usual QOL fixes this month, these include:

  • Slower Car Decay: Cars now decay 4x slower when left outdoors.
  • Phantom Footsteps: An issue that’s been present in Rust for a while of hearing phantom footsteps has been fixed – finally, no more panic from hearing your own footsteps twice…
  • Alt Look Restrictions: You are now restricted to how far up you can alt-look while looking down.
  • Monument Loot Hiding: Changes to the way monument loot spawns this month – this loot no longer spawns when players are within 2m of the spawn point.
  • Water Catchers/Barrel Decay: Water catchers and barrels now decay which should reduce the amount left outside all the time.

Magnet Crane Cleanup

The overall feel of the Junkyard magnet crane has also been improved this month in Rust’s update. According to the dev blog post, it should now feel a lot more stable to drive and issues/bugs that were apparent previously such as the driver not visually syncing up with the cabin as it rotated have now been fixed.

New Loading Screen

The loading screens remained the same for a while, but this month it’s finally received its long-overdue revamp. You can now see server stats and a ‘more clear tooltip section while loading into the server of choice’.

Facepunch has also said, that in a future update the background image on the loading screen will randomly change through a preselected gallery on each load. Similar to loading into some Garry’s Mod servers.

As well as the new loading screen, support for tag filtering has now been implemented into the server browser to allow players to find servers of their interest easier.

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