Welcome to this month’s addition to the Rust update blog. There’s plenty of content implemented this time around and we’re sure it will keep you occupied! From the addition of the new NPC missions/quests system, a camper van module for the modular car and all around general quality of life improvements, this update is definitely worth checking out. Stick around to see what this month’s update brings to the table. If you want to start a Rust server, we can help! Iceline Hosting offers Rust hosting services!


The first major addition within Rust’s October update is missions. These missions allow you to interact with NPCs located around the map to complete certain tasks in exchange for a reward. As these missions are only in early stages, they’re currently aimed towards getting players started on a server, however, plans to expand on this system are scheduled to include PVP missions and eventually even bounty hunting.

Mission providers are usually located in most safe zones (outpost, bandit camp, fishing villages, stables, etc.), with the objectives varying from catching fish, harvesting wood, uncovering hidden treasure, and even hunting sharks.

Camper Module

As most of you will know, Facepunch implemented vehicles a while back and with this update, the Camper module for the modular car has finally been implemented. The camper module is a two-slot module, including four seats that players can spawn at, a barbeque, a small box for storage, and overhead lockers. For players to set a spawn point within the camper, simply sit down in one of the seats, look down and select the ‘Make Bed’ option to claim it. This allows players to respawn directly at this seat, even when the vehicle is in motion!

Quality of Life Improvements

Facepunch recently took to the community asking what improvements players would like to see regarding the quality of life features within Rust.

Auto Turrets: To start off with, auto-turrets now have the ability for you to authorize friends directly from them, as well as yourself now being automatically authorized when placing one. Small changes, but definitely useful.

Door Opening While Wounded: This is an excellent implementation that allows you to hold down the interact key to open the door whilst wounded, just be sure to be on the lookout for any door campers before doing this!

Sign Painting: Ever created a masterpiece in Rust and had it all disappear after a friend ‘mistakenly’ picks up the sign? Well, worry no more, as you can now pick up signs and redeploy them without the risk of losing the painted content. This is definitely a cool idea as it allows all of the sign artists out there to maybe sell some Rust paintings for the extra bit of scrap you need.

Admin User Interface: Another new addition, a simple admin UI. This is accessible from within the F1 menu and allows server admins to administer their server with ease. It offers the ability to moderate players (kick/ban), preview server information, and even change your config file options from in-game (server-header, hostname, tags, etc.).

Minor Improvements & Fixes

  • ADS Sensitivity: A new slider has been added to adjust only your aim down-sight sensitivity.
  • Vehicles On Cargo: You can now land vehicles on the cargo ship without the risk of them sliding off.
  • Large Planter Snapping: Large planters now snap to the center of foundations and floors.
  • Auto Fill Code Lock: There’s now a button to automatically enter the last code entered, speeding up the process of entering all of those door codes.
  • Engine Components Craft Time: All of the modular car engine components’ craft times have been reduced from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Item Counts: This new feature shows the total count of items in your inventory when picking up items.

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