Rust Tech Tree Update:

In this month’s Rust update, the developers have added a ton of new features and balance changes. They have introduced an update to the way you can acquire specific blueprints and they also have added in a huge update on item crafting recipes, tiers, and updated loot that you will find in airdrops and heli/bradley crates.

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Tech Trees:

Tech Trees are one of the newly added features in the game. In November of 2017, a feature was added that would allow players to use scrap to gain a random unknown blueprint. However, because Rust has expanded, since then over 130 items were added to the game, causing random experimenting to become super RNG-based, costly, and just plain frustrating. With this new update adding in tech trees, you no longer have to deal with such an RNG-based system anymore. The new system now shows players all of the available items within the list. It’s worth noting that each workbench level 1, 2, and 3 have their own tree of items to be obtained. The developers of Rust had said that this can allow newer players to more easily obtain weapons and armor instead of having to pray to the RNG gods. They also want to let you know that you can still find and research items you find in the world with the research table as normal. They are expecting to have some changes to the tree in upcoming updates to make sure that it is balanced.

Balance Changes:

In this month’s Rust update, the developers have included a huge balance update which included over 300 changes affecting nearly every item for every Rust server hosting experience.
Here are some of the most notable changes that were made:

  • Majority of crafting times reduced
  • Reduced all electrical crafting costs
  • Majority of electrical items now stackable
  • Hazmat suit now uses condition
  • Road sign armor crafting cost reduced
  • Increased rocket launcher deploy time
  • Smoke grenade now craftable and researchable
  • Removed blueprint drops from barrels and crates
  • Complete rebalance of torso under-armor clothing
  • Large medkit now provides small amount of instant health and are cheaper to craft
  • Greatly reduced the amount of dehydration when consuming anti-radiation pills
  • Reduced medical syringe crafting time
  • Reinforced window bars now have glass

Airdrop Reworks:

Rust airdrops finally are getting an overhaul after looking the same since 2013! With this new update, the airdrops will now have a newly updated look for 2020 standards! This means that a parachute will actually be attached to the airdrop, but that’s not all that’s changed! Airdrops now also have updated loot tables and “you’re now guaranteed to find at least two pieces of decent armor and one very good, or two decent weapons.”

There are many more changes in this update, if you would like to read more click here

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