When creating a modded Rust Server, you may find yourself sorting through hundreds of different mods that all do different things for your Rust server hosting server. Making sure you have the right plugins for your server is very important for keeping your players around and keeping your server interesting.

We will be going over the Top 10 uMod plugins that we think almost every Rust server owner should have.

Installing uMod on your server is easier than ever with the new panel. All you have to do is go to the “Mods” tab in your panel and install uMod.

Installing plugins is also easier with the new panel. Once you have uMod installed, just go to the “Plugins” tab and search the plugin.

Which Plugins Should My Server Have?

First, you need to decide what type of server you are going to have. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Roleplaying / PVE Server
  • Heavy Modded
  • Minigame Server
  • Vanilla (completely vanilla with administration plugins)

Each type of Rust server uses different types of mods, but with this guide, we will try to recommend mods that most Rust server hosting servers will want or need.

Top 10 uMod Plugins

  1. Discord Core (Requires: Discord)
    With the emergence of Discord, being able to link your Discord server with your Rust server really helps with moderation and incentivizing people to join your Discord. Discord core is also just the backbone for Discord integration. There a ton of other Discord-related plugins for Rust such as ones that create Discord bots to show server stats, chat between the game and Discord, and many more.
  2. Better Chat
    Better chat allows for more customization with the in-game chat with things like groups to separate users and the ability to change name colors, text colors, and much more.
  3. Arkan (anti-cheat)
    With any game, cheating can be annoying. However, with Rust, when a lot of the gameplay revolves around PVP, cheating is very prevalent and can quickly ruin a server. Arkan provides another layer of anti-cheat on top of the standard EAC that Rust uses.
  4. Player Administration
    Dealing with console commands to ban/kick players can be annoying, so why not install the player administration mod to make life easier for your staff. Player administration provides a new HUD for server admins that allows staff to kick, ban, teleport, kill, and a lot more.
  5. Vanish
    Vanish is another essential plugin for admins. Vanish allows staff to go invisible to watch over suspicious players. You can also allow staff that are using vanish to unlock all locks to investigate suspicious bases.
  6. Welcomer
    The welcomer plugin adds a custom welcome message to players that join. This can be used to list off the rules of the server, list commands for the server, or even advertise your Discord or other socials.
  7. Advert Messages
    The advert messages plugin lets you display important server info at a certain interval. Advertise your Discord, wipe information, server commands, server rules, and anything else you can think of.
  8. Save Announcer
    Save announcer is another chat-based plugin that can help explain certain instances of server lag. One of the largest factors to server lag is when the server saves and this plugin helps explain certain lag spikes.
  9. Gather Manager
    This plugin is really only for modded servers as Rust servers listed in community can not have any game-changing plugins, which this one is, and that’s why it’s number 9. With Gather Manager, the owner can adjust the amount of resources players gather while playing. This can be used for affecting how much ore is given out, loot from crates, and other similar bootable objects.
  10. Quick Smelt
    Like gather manager, this one can only be used in modded servers and that’s why it’s number 10. Quick smelt lets the owner change the speed at which things are smelted, how much fuel is used for smelting, and changing the output multiplier. This can be helpful for those times where you have way too much ore but not enough time.

That’s It!

Make sure to watch out for future Top 10s to find out about more interesting plugins for your Rust server.

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