Minecraft Servers have been going for years, establishing new concepts and many available game modes based on Vanilla Minecraft, where we can mention:  Survival, Survival RPG, Creative, Skyblock, and Factions; PvP modes like KitPvP and Arena; minigames such as TNTRun, Bedwars, and SkyWars. These servers can also include their own custom game modes or subvariants of the most popular game modes (like the ones previously mentioned) and mostly feature new custom and distinctive maps.

The most popular Minecraft servers up there consist of networks of multiple servers for all the game modes offered and one server that acts as a hub between them and will take all the players coming in. As happens with many other multiplayer games, there are thousands of available servers, some focused on specific game modes only and some more diverse and made of multiple game modes.

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Now without further ado, let's continue with the best 10 Minecraft Servers as of 2023 and their features.


Hypixel is one of the biggest Minecraft servers available and perhaps the most known server, featuring multiple and even original minigames and modes. Initially released in 2013, it's managed by an extensive team bringing updates and new content. You can check its official website here.

Skyblock is the most popular gamemode on Hypixel, with thousands of players daily, featuring events and RPG elements like levels, skills, loot, quests, and bosses; it also features custom crafting tables, pets, collections, automated minions, NPCs, and more. Hypixel also has other multiple minigames to offer, where we can mention: Bedwars, Skywars, Murder Mystery, Builder Battles, Arcade Games, and many more.

Hypixel network minecraft server
IP: mc.hypixel.net

Complex Gaming

Complex Gaming is a popular Minecraft Server with Vanilla game modes like Skyblock, Factions, and Survival SMP. Skyblock and Survival SMP are the most popular modes in the server featuring daily rewards, vote rewards, auction houses, gambling, duels, custom enchantments and runes, a resource world that gets reset automatically, zone-claiming, economic system based on manual/automatic farming and more! You can head to the official website or join the server for more information.

Complex Gaming also offers modded servers for a custom-made Pixelmon Reforged modpack, for a Pokemon-like experience in minecraft with other players!

Complex Gaming Minecraft Server
IP: bmc.mc-complex.com


InsanityCraft is a Minecraft Server originally created in 2012, it features game modes like Survival, Skyblock, and Factions. Survival is the most popular mode of IsanityCraft and features classes with perks, crates and vote prizes, scramble, zone claiming, custom user shops, auction houses, duels, and more! Feel free to reach out to the official website for more information.

You can get started on Survival by selecting a class, and following the path to the portal to get teleported to a random location, after that just look for a place to build your base and place a chest to protect an area around it.

InsanityCraft Minecraft Server
IP: play.insanitycraft.net

Vortex Network

Vortex Network is a Minecraft Server with a space theme, featuring a custom resource pack upon joining the server and custom game mode variants to reflect this space theme, such as Survival Earth, Skyblock Pandora, Prison Plasma, and Prison Cosmic. Check the official website for more information on starting your space journey.

Prison Cosmic is the most popular mode in Vortex Network currently as it went under a reset and update on September 2nd, so this is the perfect time to join! In this mode, you will need to mine blocks and sell the items you get for tokens and money, which you will then use to upgrade your tools and advance your rank to unlock more mines! It also features auto-mining, PvP areas, custom enchants, crates, auction houses, and merchants.

Vortex Network Minecraft Server
IP: mc.vortexnetwork.net

Minecraft Central

Minecraft Central is a Minecraft Server with Vanilla modes like Skyblock, Survival, Prison, Lifesteal, and Ultra Hardcore. Another interesting feature worth mentioning is the parkour in the lobby, perfect for passing time while waiting for your friends. Check the official web for more information.

Prison and Skyblock are the most popular modes in Minecraft Central, with the latest going through a reset on August 2023 and updated to the newest Minecraft Version (1.20), so it's not too late to start your own Skyblock island now! With Quests, Boss Fights, Ranks, Treasure chests, Auction houses, and more to offer!

Minecraft Central Minecraft Server
IP: mccentral.org

OPBlocks Network

OPBlocks is a Minecraft Server with Vanilla Modes like Survival SMP, Prison, Skyblock, and Creative. The Survival SMP mode features quests, bosses, challenges, zone claiming, guilds, skills, crates, and kits.

You can't decide which game mode to join? Why you don't explore the lobby with the grappling hook to pass the time while you think about it? And head to the official website to learn more about OPBlocks.

OPBlocks also features a modded server for Pixelmon, but keep in mind that you require the custom OPBlocks Pixelmon Modpack to join.

OPBlocks Network Minecraft Server
IP: play.opblocks.com


Penguin.GG is a fairly new Minecraft Server launched in 2022, It features the game modes Survival and Skyblock with fun additions like Skills from mcMMO, jobs, auction houses, minigames, zone claiming, multiple worlds, quests, bosses, pets. You can check the server rules and available ranks for purchase through its official website here.

Penguin.GG Minecraft Server
IP: play.penguin.gg


MineSuperior is a Minecraft Server with Vanilla Modes like Survival, Towny, Lifesteal, and Skyblock. Towny is the most popular mode on MineSuperior, in Towny, players will enter a survival world and create their own towns and claim zones with the objective of recruiting other players and evolving into a nation, you could also ally with other Towns or declare war if you want.

MineSuperior has a friendly community willing to help newcomers, It also features Ranks, mcMMO skills, jobs, quests, private vaults, personal warps, chest shops, a resource world, and a mob arena. You can check the official webstore for more information.

MineSuperior Minecraft Server
IP: play.minesuperior.com

Purple Prison

Purple Prison is a Minecraft Server fully focused on the game mode Prison, Originally released in 2014 it supports all Minecraft versions and is updated frequently by the Staff team, with daily events and rewards, check the official website for more information.

That aside, Purple Prison has a friendly and welcoming community for new players. In Purple Prison you can create your own gang, mine and sell items to get money and upgrade your rank, duel other players, claim a plot to build a base, sell items in the auction house, and just have fun, but be aware of the PvP areas!

Purple Prison Minecraft Server
IP: purpleprison.org


Netherite, like all the other servers on this list, is a popular Minecraft Server with Skyblock, Survival, Lifesteal, and Towny as the available game modes. Netherite was founded in 2022 so it's a fairly new server. Feel free to take a look at the official website for more information and for the newly released Prison Server.

Lifesteal is the most popular mode on Netherite, Lifesteal is a Survival mode similar to Hardcore but with multiple lives, lose all your lives and you're out! Kill other players to steal their lives, but keep in mind that players are not the only thing to be aware of in this difficult mode. Netherite's Lifesteal game mode also features clans, vote rewards, kits, and custom items and skills purchasable through the server's shop.

Netherite Minecraft Server
IP: play.netherite.gg

And with that, we've reached the end of this blog. We hope this compilation of servers has been a good introduction and that you have picked some to start playing at. Feel free to check our knowledge base here for other articles to get you started in managing your own server.