When starting your Rust server hosting server, picking your map can be a great time and can provide a custom experience that you wouldn’t be able to have on a vanilla server! Here are some of the best maps we could find at Iceline Hosting!

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1. Frozen Wastes

In this winter wonderland, you’ll never get bored with the massive frozen map, plenty of monuments, and much more yet to be discovered! Because of the cold temperature, ensure that you wear warm clothing and work to survive the harsh biome that encompasses the whole map. With a bridge connecting the two sides of the map, movement should be a breeze. Also, because it’s a winter map, there are plenty of icebergs for you to build on, making your base that much more concealed/cut off from the rest of the inhabitants. You can find this map for your Rust server hosting server here.

Map Image For Number One – Frozen Wastes

2. Treacherous Holm

This map features two massive islands swim between, a snowy mountain to climb and explore, and a vast desert to walk through with monuments scattered all throughout the map. There are plenty of flat spots to build a base with all the monuments being within a short jog. If you don’t want to swim across the channel, there is a single bridge connecting the islands, however, since there is only one, you might run into some other players thinking the same thing. You can find this map for your Rust server hosting servers here.

Map Image For Number Two – Treacherous Holm

3. Subversive Island

This amazing island includes all three biomes while maintaining a small size. With a center snowy mountain, there could be some king of the hill action. Even though the main island is small, there’s a smaller island attached with a bridge with a monument for you to visit. This is the map for people that want that close-action combat. You can find this map to download to your Rust server hosting servers here.

Map Image For Number Three – Subversive Island

4. Combustion Isle

Combustion Isle is split into three main islands with bridges connecting them all. This map also includes all three biomes with one island being completely desert. There are plenty of monuments for you to explore with the dome having its own island which could bring forth some very interesting conflicts. You can get this map on your Rust server hosting servers here.

Map Image For Number Four – Combustion Isle

5. Plum Island

With a small map comes small biomes. Plum Island has lots of water between each of the main islands making it easy for boat access. This map also might be perfect for those people that hate winter biomes as Plum Island has a pretty tiny snow section. Like other maps on this list, there are custom bridges connecting the islands making vehicles a viable option. You can find this map here to use on your own Rust server hosting servers.

Map Image For Number Five – Plum Island

6. Dante’s Peak

Dante’s peak is the map for you if you like seclusion. With several big islands spread out around the map with some being connected by roads and some with no connection at all, this map is great for the people that don’t want to be bothered. There are also several smaller islands around the base which are perfect for those massive clan bases. One of the most unique features is the peak on the main island. Who knows what you’ll find on/in it. You can add this map to your Rust server hosting servers here.

Map Image For Number Six – Dante’s Peak

7. Far Harbour

Far Harbour is the map for the people that like lots of monuments. This map has all the biomes with monuments spread throughout all the biomes. There are several rivers flowing throughout the map making it easy for boats to cruise around. You can find this map here.

Map Image For Number Seven – Far Harbour

8. End of the Line

Finally, we have End of the Line. This map has it all, a single river splitting the map, lots of monuments for all that loot, and plenty of spots to build your cool base. There are also lots of bridges connecting the two halves, making it easy for people with vehicles to access the rest of the map. You can get this map here.

Map Image For Number Eight – End of the Line


Hopefully, you found some (if not all) of these maps interesting. If not, there are a lot more custom maps out there that you may find interesting. RustMaps has more custom maps if that is your sort of thing. There are also some good procedurally generated maps out there as well. A good place to see procedural maps is playrust.io.

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