Rust has Twitch Drops?

Yes! Rusts first batch of Twitch drops was back in November of 2020 and only had three items. Twitch drops made a comeback in January of 2021 when a bunch of large streamers decided to stream Rust causing an insurgence of new players. Now, as of writing this article, Rust is on Round 7 of Twitch drops and have stated that drops will continue for the foreseeable future.

Additionally, you can only expect one campaign per month going forward.
— Alistair McFarlane (@Alistair_McF) February 16, 2021

How do I Acquire Twitch Drops?

Actually getting drops is pretty easy! To get started, you are going to need to head over to Facepunchs’ drop page here. It should look something like this.

Start by clicking the “Get Started” button. It will scroll you down to where you sign in with your twitch account. Click, “Sign In With Twitch.”

After signing in, you will have to authorize some permissions. If you do not authorize these, you will not be able to get drops.

After successfully signing into Twitch, you will have to sign in to your Steam account. This will link your Twitch and Steam accounts so Facepunch knows what account should be getting the skins.

After successfully signing in to both Twitch and Steam, you should see a new image.

This means you are officially able to earn drops. Now, what type of drops are there?

What Type of Drops are There?

There are two types of drops for rust, Streamer Drops and General Drops. Streamer drops are specific to the streamer that has the drop and can be seen under the “Streamer Drops” section.

To earn these skins, all you have to do is watch the specific streamers stream for 2 or sometimes 4 hours. After that, you should be able to claim it. (NOTE: Muting a stream will void any progress towards drops!)

General Drops are earned by watching any streamer that has Rust drops enabled.

These ones take two hours each to acquire just like the streamer drops.

How do I claim the Skins?

After watching for the correct amount of time, the skins will be added to your twitch inventory. You can access your inventory here. You should see something like this.

Here you can see your progress for the drops and ones you have already claimed. When a drop is ready to be claimed, a white box saying “claim” will appear over the drop, click this and it will be added to your inventory.

If your skin doesnt appear in your steam account right after clicking claim, head over to the drop site and click the “check for missing drops” button.

This should solve any issues with getting your skins.


Rust Twitch drops are an awesome way for Rust content creators, big or small, to get exposure and to have their own in-game item. Because these drops are exclusive, they will only be able to be earned during that specific round making them more unique. Remember, new drops are added each month with the monthly updates so do not miss out!

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