New to Rust’s multiplayer survival game and looking for an exclusive Player versus Environment (PvE) gaming experience? Looking to play Rust privately on your own terms or with your own selected crew of friends? Or are you simply sick and tired of playing on public Rust servers with strangers who are downright unpleasant?
The solution to your problems is simple – start your Rust server hosting services at Iceline Hosting! Choose from DIY-ing your own Rust server to using established Rust server hosting services!

What is “Rust”?
When you’re looking to immerse yourself in an addictive multiplayer video game where the ultimate aim is survival —  Rust is the perfect game for you. Every player starts off with the most primitive of tools —  a rock and torch. The goal is to level up by gathering resources, crafting more tools, building bases, overcoming external challenges like wild animals and harsh weather conditions, and more. The gameplay allows you to choose from PvE or Player versus Player (PvP) experiences — so danger can also present itself in the form of opposing team players. Sound interesting enough? If you aren’t fussy, you can begin your Rust journey on public servers via Steam like any other game. Alternatively, if you are looking for a more customized or private gaming experience, you should definitely give Rust server hosting at Iceline Hosting a try!

Private Rust Game Servers: How Does It Differ from Public Servers?
Regardless if you are a solo, a small group of players, or a large group of friends, Rust server hosting comes with the following benefits:

  • Able to limit the number of players: Due to the nature of the game, if you are a solo or small group of players, you are naturally at a disadvantage in PvP gaming. The constant threat of raids on a public Rust server is very real and your hard work could easily be undone in the blink of an eye. Rust server hosting allows you to limit the players and control who those players are.
  • Agreeing on rules: With a private server, it is easier for the moderator to manage the smaller group of players and getting everyone (who are likely to know each other) to agree on a predetermined set of rules. This ensures a much more enjoyable gaming experience for all. No more nuisances or trolls to deal with!
  • Fewer Interruptions and Lag: Due to the controlled number of players with Rust server hosting services, players are less likely to experience game interruptions or lag compared to public Rust servers.
  • Customizations: Customize to your heart’s content with a Rust server hosting at Iceline Hosting. From in-game customizations to external plugins —  you and your friends can create an entirely unique gaming experience for yourselves!

There are Two Types of Private Rust Servers: Owned & Hosted
If you are ready to play on your own private Rust server, there is still another choice you need to make! DIY with a dedicated private server or use Rust server hosting with an established game server host like Iceline Hosting.
Read on to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of each choice.

DIY: Host Your Own Dedicated Server
This simply means you or one of your friends will be hosting the private server on your own computer —  this can be the computer you use to play or a separate computer. The player who is hosting the server is also commonly referred to as the host.


  • Free to low cost – only potential costs involved includes perhaps upgrading your internet connection and purchasing additional RAM for your computer
  • Entirely within your control since it is hosted physically on your computer —  from server files to any level of customization


  • It taps on the host’s internet bandwidth, which means the entire private game is dependent on the host’s internet speeds. For normal households’ internet bandwidth, it might lag significantly if too many players are online at the same time
  • The host’s computer needs to be online for the Rust server to be online
  • Lack of protection from malicious cyber-attacks (due to amateur set-up)
  • Limited growth since it is difficult to scale up the Rust server on a normal PC
  • Takes significant time and understanding of servers to set up

Hosted: Using Dedicated Rust Server Hosting Service
In contrast, Rust server hosting services are online providers that provide their servers to host your games for a small fee. Much like how websites are hosted by online hosting companies, this service is also available for games.


  • Significantly faster than a DIY server since these are commercial servers of much larger sizes
  • Variety of options and plans to choose from —  you can pick a Rust server hosting plan suitable for your needs (the lesser the needs the more affordable)
  • Scalable —  you can grow your community easily to accommodate more players simply by upgrading your plans
  • Instant Deployment —  unlike DIY hosting, these services are activated instantly and take 5 – 10 minutes to install
  • Secure —  Comes with DDoS Protection
  • 24/7 Uptime — Although you can also easily configure the server for sleep
  • No Lag
  • Support team that can help out with any issues instead of you figuring it out yourself


  • It comes with a fee for the convenience of a readily set up and maintenance of the Rust server
  • Might be tough to decide between all the hosting companies

Which Works Best for You?
For a small fee, Rust server hosting will get you great security, 24/7 uptime without tapping on your existing resources, convenient updates with great performance —  all within a matter of minutes. In contrast, going the DIY route will require significantly more effort in set-up and maintenance, and that is without the peace of mind of a secure Rust server. So, which route would you choose? Convenience or DIY?

Get Started with Iceline Hosting – Simplified Rust Server Hosting
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