What Is Valheim?

Valheim is a Viking survival game that allows its players to set out on their own path and make decisions on how they would like to play. You can build, battle, and conquer in Valheim! Players can explore the magnificent environment that is procedurally generated throughout the world. Throughout your exploration, you may come up against vengeful primordial bosses of myth and legend. If a player is to kill these bosses, they will be rewarded with trophies and be able to progress through the world! One of the best parts is that you can build your own ship and sail across the sea conquering and discovering new lands!

Valheim Multiplayer:

Valheim allows players to play the game in many different ways, you can play the game as a solo player or you can play online with your friends in a co-op mode! The game is great as a solo player, however, the game only gets better with friends! As more and more people are getting into Valheim they are wondering “how can we play with friends?” Valheim is still in an early access stage, so there are numerous bugs in the game still that sometimes make it difficult to connect with friends. The developers will continue to iron these out, however!

How to Join Your Friends Game:

The first thing that you want to do when trying to play Valheim with friends is to make your first character. You and your friend will have to both do this step.

Once you have both of your characters made, one of you will need to create a world for your other friends to connect to. You can utilize Valheim game server hosting services through Iceline Hosting for this step. You will be given a world seed, but you can ignore that for now. Make sure that when naming your server, you choose something that’s unique and personal to your server. This will make it much easier for your friends to find and join your world. Also, another important note is to make sure that you have ‘community’ server selected. You may also choose to set a password for your Valheim server to make sure that only the people who are given the password can connect. This will prevent things like random players from connecting and potentially ruin your world experience, this can include things like grief.

Once the Valheim server has been made or purchased through game server hosting, you need to have the creator join the server that was just created. It may take some time to load in, so be patient and wait until you are dropped in by the crow. Your friend should now be able to join you by going to the server list and adding the name of the server you created in the filters. Then, all they have to do is type in the password that you have set and they should be able to connect!

*NOTE* If your game is not visible, you may have not selected the ‘community’ server.


We hope that you and your friends can now play the massive game of Valheim together! Sometimes joining your friends can be tough since this game is still in its early access stage. However, the developers are working hard to make the game the best as it can be! We hope that you enjoy your Valheim experience and that this blog was helpful to you!

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