Welcome back Valheim fans! I hope you guys are ready to read into the core of our beloved Valheim. As the title states, we are going to be digging into Who made Valheim. That being said this blog will be jumping into the creators behind the game and what their intentions were with the development of Valheim. So please stay tuned and enjoy learning the background of this treasure.

Lets get started! As some of you may know the creators of Valheim “Iron Gates” is a small company operating out of Sweden. Consisting of only four full-time employees and one part-time consultant, They also partner with Coffee Stain Publishing as their marketing staff.

Shown above is the Iron Gate logo for Valheim.

The goal of the game is to prove your worth to Odin by fighting alongside him to reclaim the forgotten lands of Valheim. In order to do so, you will have to adapt to Valheims hostile environments. Whether that means gathering resources, building farms and outposts, and even destroying monsters that may get in your way. The end goal is to work up the strength to take on the nine Forsaken Ones to free Valheim and take back the land.



Unfortunately, there isn’t much detail into Iron Gates’s creation, but who doesn’t love short and simple occasionally, right? However, I must say they may have not given a lot of detail but this sure is a very entertaining game and I know all of us Valheim fans are grateful that it has been created! In conclusion, Valheim is an overall well-made game and I can’t wait to teach you about it on our next visit!

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