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Classic VPS Hosting

Start your Classic VPS today from £8.0 and get online within 5 minutes!

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  • High Performance

    Latest hardware to ensure great speeds

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    Lightning fast network connection

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  • DDoS Protection

    Industry leading Iceline Shield DDOS protection

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  • 99.9% Uptime

    We aim to provide 99.99% uptime

Classic VPS 1

£8.0 /month

1 vCore (Xeon-E 2136)
50GB HDD Storage
1TB Bandwidth @ 100Mbps
KVM Architecture

Classic VPS 2

£16 /month

2 vCores (Xeon-E 2136)
125GB HDD Storage
2TB Bandwidth @ 250Mbps
KVM Architecture

Classic VPS 3

£23 /month

4 vCores (Xeon-E 2136)
250GB HDD Storage
3TB Bandwidth @ 500Mbps
KVM Architecture

Classic VPS 4

£45 /month

6 vCores (Xeon-E 2136)
500GB HDD Storage
4TB Bandwidth @ 1Gbps
KVM Architecture

Worldwide Locations

No matter your location, latency will not be an issue. You’ll be able to find a location just for you.

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Customer Reviews

Rated 4.8/5 by TrustPilot.


Iceline is the best you can get due to there services being cheap compared to other hosting providers. The staff team is so nice and helpful. When I needed help I made a ticket and they helped me. I always will use Iceline and be a customer! Therefore I recommend Iceline to anyone!


I've been using Iceline Hosting for quite a while, and my most recent server has been up for 2 months. Their panel is very easy to access and use, the servers are very cheap, and the uptime is amazing. Overall, great hosting service. Their support has always been helpful, understanding, and respectful.

Lilac Jeans

I've been using Iceline Hosting for about 7 months and it was my first time hosting outside of my own computer. Still fairly new to this whole server stuff but the experience on Iceline has been amazing. Their support goes even beyond what they offer. Setting up my server(s) was easier than I thought.

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