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XEON E3-1245v2

Disk Space




Fast and reliable.

Our dedicated servers will beat the competition!

We aim to provide some of the fastest and reliable dedicated servers on the market. We also try to beat prices and try to provide our dedicated servers at some of the cheapest prices. All our dedicated servers are up-to-date with some of the latest technology including some of the latest processors.

Failsafe systems

All our services have failsafe systems implemented.

If there is a problem with your server, majority of the time the issue will be fixed itself with the use of our failsafe systems we have put in place in order to keep your server online and reduce any downtime. This way you can just worry using your service and not have to worry about fixing any issues that may occur.

Free setup

When you purchase a dedicated server with us there is no setup fee.

You heard it right. None of our dedicated servers require you to pay a setup fee, you only need to pay the cost of the dedicated server and we'll do the rest.

99.9% Node & Network uptime

We aim to reduce any downtime.

The worst thing with hosting is downtime, no-one enjoys is, which is why we're proud to say our servers rarely go offline. The reason we do not advertise 100% uptime is because we may rarely perform maintenance on any services we offer.

24/7 Spport

We work around the clock to assist you.

If you come across any issues, our support team will be available around the clock to assist you until your issue is resolved. Many of our technical support members have knowledge with dedicated servers and should be able to fix your issue.

Prefer a Dedicated Server for Gaming?

We also offer dedicated game servers purely for game server hosting for anyone who wishes to host a gaming community.

INTEL I7 4790K
  • 4/4.4 GHZ CPU Speed
  • 16GB DDR3 1333MHZ RAM
  • 1×120GB SSD
  • Anti DDoS Protection
  • Optional Operating Systems
INTEL I7 4790K
  • 4/4.4 GHZ CPU Speed
  • 32GB DDR3 1333MHZ
  • 1×240GB SSD
  • Anti DDoS Protection
  • Optional Operating Systems
INTEL I7 6700K
  • 4/4.2 GHZ CPU Speed
  • 64GB DDR4 2400MHZ
  • 1×480GB SSD
  • Anti DDoS Protection
  • Optional Operating Systems

Dedicated - Panel

Through our billing system you will have full access over your dedicated server. You will be able to start, stop, restart, reinstall, mointor your server and so much more.

Each dedicated server comes with it's own dedicated IP, if you wish to order more they cost £2.75 per IP.

Every dedicated server also has our enhanced firewall system installed, meaning only authorized users will be able to access your game-server/dedicated-server.

Questions & Answers

Still unsure? Or maybe some of your questions are still left answered, see below for some frequently asked questions about our dedicated servers.

Most people will tell you that you can run most game servers on XEON processors, well, you can but the performance won't be the best. For example, Garry's Mod utilizes only one core. An i7 single core will always out-perform an XEON single core. You will also notice with Garry's Mod the server will seem fine on an XEON processor, but once you start hitting over 20 players your server will become unplayable.

We offer XEON Dedicated Servers to small/large business owners or to developers who wish to store data, create databases, develope software and test it. XEON Dedicated Servers are not optimized for gaming.

Simple answer is no, you are unable to upgrade your dedicated server. If you wish to upgrade you will need to repurchase your dedicated server.

There is a whole range of operating systems you can install such as Debian, Ubuntu Server, CentOS, Fedora, FreeBSD. Windows Server can be installed but will cost an additional £10/month for the license.

We do backup dedicated servers, but not a full snapshot, it is the users responsibility to make sure files are backed up.

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