Rust: Tech Trees Update

Rust Tech Tree Update:

In this month’s Rust update, the developers have added a ton of new features and balance changes. They have introduced an update to the way you can acquire specific blueprints and they also have added in a huge update on item crafting recipes, tiers, and updated loot that you will find in airdrops and heli/bradley crates.

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Tech Trees:

Tech Trees are one of the newly added features in the game. In November of 2017, a feature was added that would allow players to use scrap to gain a random unknown blueprint. However, because Rust has expanded, since then over 130 items were added to the game, causing random experimenting to become super RNG-based, costly, and just plain frustrating. With this new update adding in tech trees, you no longer have to deal with such an RNG-based system anymore. The new system now shows players all of the available items within the list. It’s worth noting that each workbench level 1, 2, and 3 have their own tree of items to be obtained. The developers of Rust had said that this can allow newer players to more easily obtain weapons and armor instead of having to pray to the RNG gods. They also want to let you know that you can still find and research items you find in the world with the research table as normal. They are expecting to have some changes to the tree in upcoming updates to make sure that it is balanced.

Balance Changes:

In this month’s Rust update, the developers have included a huge balance update which included over 300 changes affecting nearly every item for every Rust server hosting experience.
Here are some of the most notable changes that were made:

  • Majority of crafting times reduced
  • Reduced all electrical crafting costs
  • Majority of electrical items now stackable
  • Hazmat suit now uses condition
  • Road sign armor crafting cost reduced
  • Increased rocket launcher deploy time
  • Smoke grenade now craftable and researchable
  • Removed blueprint drops from barrels and crates
  • Complete rebalance of torso under-armor clothing
  • Large medkit now provides small amount of instant health and are cheaper to craft
  • Greatly reduced the amount of dehydration when consuming anti-radiation pills
  • Reduced medical syringe crafting time
  • Reinforced window bars now have glass

Airdrop Reworks:

Rust airdrops finally are getting an overhaul after looking the same since 2013! With this new update, the airdrops will now have a newly updated look for 2020 standards! This means that a parachute will actually be attached to the airdrop, but that’s not all that’s changed! Airdrops now also have updated loot tables and “you’re now guaranteed to find at least two pieces of decent armor and one very good, or two decent weapons.”

There are many more changes in this update, if you would like to read more click here

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Rust Game Engine

What is Rust?

Rust is a multiplayer-only survival game developed by Facepunch Studios. You may recognize the developers from the extremely popular sandbox game Garry’s Mod. Rust was released in early access in December 2013. It later had released its full game in February 2018. Rust is currently available for Microsoft Windows PC’s or macOS. Facepunch has announced that console versions of the game are expected to come sometime in 2020.

Rust was initially made to be a clone of a popular survival game Day Z. The game’s objective is to survive in the world using materials that are either gathered or stolen from other players on the Rust server. Players have to manage their hunger, thirst, and health to prevent them from dying. In the world of Rust, there are many things that can lead to your death such as bears, wolves, and of course, other players. Players can use materials found throughout the world to make weapons and ammo to defend themselves against attacks. Some of these weapons include but are not limited to guns, bows, explosives, and more. Players in Rust also have to mindful of the NPC vehicles that come around every once in a while that will kill you under certain circumstances.

Rust’s Game Engine

Rust was first released in an early access stage, which is now known as Rust Legacy. This was the first iteration of the game development and was very different from the way the game is now. In the first versions of Rust, they had zombies roaming around instead of what we know now would be replaced by dangerous wildlife. The modern game also has significant improvements to its crafting system. In later-to-come updates, the game was ported over to the game engine Unity 5. This provided massive updates to the graphics displayed in the game. Along with this port over to Unity 5 came the ability to make maps larger and procedurally generated. They also added new anti-cheating software that would ban thousands of players in just a few days. However, this would later change to utilize a third-party anti-cheat software, EasyAntiCheat.


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Who Made Garry’s Mod?

What Is Garry’s Mod?

Garry’s Mod is a sandbox game that was developed by Facepunch Studios and was published by Valve. Garry’s Mod was released on December 24th, 2004. You may know of Garry’s Mod from its more commonly used name of “GMod”. Garry’s Mod allows for the players or users to create their very own game modes with many variations. There are endless possibilities when creating in Garry’s Mod. The game is also backed by an outstanding community who often post their mods in the Steam workshop.

Who Made Garry’s Mod?

Garry’s Mod was developed by Facepunch Studios and published by Valve. The game was created by Garry Newman as a mod for Valve’s Source engine. Garry Newman was a video game programmer who started to make games under Facepunch Studios after dropping out of college. The game was initially released in version one on December 24th, 2004 for its first feedback test. The game would then later be published as its own standalone product in 2006.

History of Garry’s Mod

Valve, the company that owns Steam, had contacted Garry Newman to publish his “Mod” that was originally made for the Source engine. However, Newman initially rejected this offer. Although Valve and Facepunch would later strike a deal to release “Garry’s Mod” on the digital distribution service Steam for $10, the two companies would equally share profits. The game was released on November 29th, 2006, and even though the game wasn’t a “Mod” anymore, Valve and Facepunch agreed to keep the name “Garry’s Mod”. Newman later announced that this was a mistake and he should have called it “Sandbox” instead because Garry’s Mod still required a separate Source-based game to function properly. A bundle was later included of Garry’s Mod and Counter-Strike: Source


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Is Garry’s Mod Free?

What Is Garry’s Mod?

Garry’s Mod is one of the most popular sandbox indie games ever made. It was released on December 24th, 2004. Commonly referred to as “GMod” the online sandbox allows the user to create a wide range of game modes. You can also share your custom game modes with the community by using the Steam workshop.

Garry’s Mod is different from many other mods because it allows you to build and install mods into your world. For example, say you wanted to make a rocket or a car, you can spawn and combine multiple items to make this possible!

Is Garry’s Mod Free?

Garry’s Mod does require you to pay for the base game, however, it is usually on sale or sold for cheap on the Steam store. Once you have the base game, you are able to access all of its community-made mods and game mods for free! The community-made mods can be downloaded on the Steam workshop for GMod.

Is Garry’s Mod Worth it?

The Garry’s Mod sandbox game comes with many endless possibilities to customize your world. Garry’s Mod also provides an easy-to-use mod experience. Even if you not into coding or programming, Garry’s mod makes it easy for you to install any of the community-made mods listed on the Steam workshop! The process is as easy as clicking the “subscribe” button and rebooting the game. Many of the mods within the workshop are pretty well made and there’s a ton of community favorites that you can try.


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Serious Garry’s Mod

What Is Serious Garry’s Mod?

Serious Garry’s Mod is a GMod game mode that GMod Server owners can put on their servers. In most cases, people like to download custom maps and custom addons to really make the world that they are playing as custom as possible! The whole point behind the “serious” aspect is that you are put into this custom world with a rule set that is set by the GMod server owners (this may vary per server). Essentially, you create your own character and you roleplay that character. The character should have its own unique name and backstory to them to really get a feel for the roleplaying.

Why Should You Play Serious Garry’s Mod?

If you are brand new to playing & GMod server hosting and you don’t know what to do or set up to play, then serious Garry’s Mod may be for you! If you are someone who likes to play with a large group of friends or even want to meet new friends, serious GMod can do all of that! There are tons of addons that you can use for Serious GMod. Whatever you want your world to have, you can add it! Things like cars, banks, shops, etc., there are endless possibilities for you to choose from.

What Maps/Addons Can We Choose From?

As stated earlier, there are tons of maps/addons to choose from. However, let’s go over some of our top picks that we think suit the roleplaying experience.

RP Rockford – This map is great because it’s a fairly large map with many points of interest and things to do on it! This map features a car dealership, clubs, houses, shops, and much more! If you are looking to roam around with friends, I definitely recommend this map for your GMod server!

RP_downtown – This is another great map! This map provides an area of a downtown city. The GMod map has many features such as a jail, a mayors office, a bank & vault, and so much more! The map is fully packed with all of the features you would ever want in your GMod server! This map has been a fan favorite for a while now.

There are many more maps and addons to choose from on the steam workshop! Our team at Iceline Hosting definitely recommends checking these ones out but you can also look for others.


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Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF) in Garry’s Mod

What Is FNAF in Garry’s Mod?

FNAF or Five Nights at Freddy’s is a video game series that is based on the fictional Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, a pastiche of pizza restaurants such as Chuck E. Cheese’s and ShowBiz Pizza Place. In Garry’s Mod, Five Nights at Freddy’s maps have been ported over so that you can now enjoy them in Garry’s Mod! However, the map that we are going over today will require you to have Counter-Stike: Source.

How Do We Download FNAF?

To download the Five Nights at Freddy’s GMod game mode, like many other mods and maps for Garry’s Mod, you need to “subscribe” to the addon on the steam workshop. You can do so here.

**Please note that this addon requires you to have Counter-Stike: Source to run it properly. This is because some of the textures are being pulled from that game and being used here.**

Why Should We Play FNAF?

Five Nights at Freddy’s provided tons of fun and a bit scary content for you are your friends to experience on your GMod server! If you were ever a fan of playing the FNAF games on your mobile device or anywhere else for that matter, then this addon is definitely for you as it replicates the map that was used in those games. This game mode comes packed with features such as a security room with working cameras, a spooky atmosphere, working animatronics, and a power switch (if you’re brave enough)! The GMod game mode is super fun and can be quite terrifying at times which to me makes it that much better!

Below, we will show some screenshots from the map itself and the features it brings!

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Virtual Reality in Garry’s Mod

What Is Virtual Reality (VR) in Garry’s Mod?

Virtual reality is a fully immersive gaming experience that allows you to hook up a VR headset and controllers to your PC enabling you to control certain things while in-game. Recently in the Garry’s Mod community, there was an addon/tool that allows the game to be compatible with almost all the most common VR headsets and systems. The GMod server mod is called “VR Mod” and it’s available on the Steam workshop.

What VR Headsets Work With This Mod?

This mod will support most of the popular VR headsets to date. The VR headset that I would recommend using is the Steam VR Headset. This headset will work the best as it’s built off the steam VR module. However, this headset will work with all supported headsets from steam VR. Another one to look at would be the Oculus VR headsets, these will also work. However, in some cases, they may be a bit buggy.

Steam VR Headset:

Oculus VR Headset:

Should You Get This Mod?

Absolutely! If you are someone who has a VR headset and is in the need of some games to try out and play, we definitely recommend trying this mod out. Garry’s Mod in itself is a fun interactive game anyway with tons of NPCs to spawn and endless content that you create! The GMod server mod itself is pretty well developed though it came out a year ago so there are still some bugs and crashes, but that’s to be expected since VR wasn’t really supposed to be a part of GMod servers. Nevertheless, the mod still functions quite well and is a ton of fun to play if you have a VR headset laying around!

How Do We Download This Mod?

If you have decided that you want to give the GMod server mod a shot, you can download it straight from the steam workshop here. Once you have “subscribed” to the mod on steam you are going to want to follow the quickstart guide.

Quickstart Guide:

1. Subscribe to this workshop addon
2. Install the mod files found above
3. Right-click GMod in your Steam library, go to properties, and disable “SteamVR Desktop Game Theater”
4. Temporarily disable all other addons to avoid conflicts. You can do this easily through the GMod main menu
5. Enter a map using the Sandbox game mode
6. Open the VRMod menu by entering “vrmod” into the console, and press the “Start VR” button
7. Read the rest of this workshop description for any problems you may have encountered.

For more info on controls and FAQ’s please visit the workshop description for the mod.

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Garry’s Mod Prop Hunt Maps

What Is Prop Hunt in Garry’s Mod?

Prop Hunt in Garry’s Mod is like the game we all know and love, hide and seek. Players on the GMod server are broken up into two teams: one being the people who get to hide first and the other team who are the hunters or seekers. Basically, the players chosen to hide first will be spawned in as props and they have 30 seconds to hide. Then the hunter’s role is to go out and try to find the players disguised as props. Once you are found and killed, you will not be able to respawn until that round has completed. At the end of each round, the roles are swapped so the hunters become the hiders and the hiders become the hunters.

How to Install the Prop Hunt Game Mode?

To start playing Prop Hunt, you first need to install the GMod game mode for a base of the game. There are many community-made game modes for Prop Hunt, many features different updates or additions to them. To download this GMod game mode all you need to do is “subscribe” to it on steam and add it to your collection. We will link the game mode that we personally like to use because of the features that are implemented into it. You don’t have to pick the same one, but if you don’t have one, we recommend installing this one here onto your GMod server.

What Maps Can We Play in Prop Hunt?

In Garry’s Mod, there are many prop hunt maps that you can choose from. There have been tons of people from the Garry’s Mod community that have made maps for prop hunt that you can install directly into your very own GMod server. To find maps for prop hunt, you’ll want to go to the steam workshop, make sure you’re on the Garry’s Mod section, and search for “Prop Hunt.” There are many to choose from, so we will go over some of the ones that we think are the best for your GMod server!

Office2017 (ph_office2017):
This map is one of our favorites because this is one of the first-ever maps that we have ever played when we first started getting into Prop Hunt. This map is pretty self-explanatory, it features a full office space where you and your friends can disguise as common office items and hide to defeat the other team! We definitely recommend trying this map out for your own GMod server!

This is a map of the very well known show Spongebob Squarepants. This is the map of the famous Bikini Bottom in the TV show. The map features things like Spongebob’s house, Squidward’s house, & of course, the Krusty Krab. We definitely recommend getting this map if you ever watched the show as a kid as it does a pretty good job of re-creating it!

Container Ship:
We think this map is very cool, this map is very large and can hold up to 45 players. This map features a huge container ship used for cargo. This map makes it very easy to hide, making it tough for people to find you. However, when you have a lot of friends to play with, this map can be a ton of fun!

There are tons more maps out there, we have just listed a few that we have tried and tested out ourselves. We think if you’re just starting to get into Prop Hunt, then these maps are a few good ones to download and try with your friends!


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Trevor Henderson In Garry’s Mod

What Is Trevor Henderson in Gmod?

Trevor Henderson is a mod pack for your GMod server. It creates a fun, roleplaying experience that you can enjoy with all of your friends. There are several mods that come with the Trevor Henderson mod pack. These mods include creatures that you can spawn while in-game. You can spawn these creatures and once you and your teammates are ready, you can turn on the AI so that they will come to look for you and attack you if you are found.

What Are Some of the Creatures in the Pack?

The Trevor Henderson mod pack for your GMod server comes with many new creatures that you can mess around with and play with. Some of these creatures include:

  • Siren Head – An entity that is 40 feet tall and as its title says, has a  head with two sirens on it

  • Cartoon Cat – it has large, soulless eyes bulging out of his head, all black fur, white gloves with three black darts, and a mouth with bloody flesh exposed and gums torn.

  • Big Charlie – a giant creature who is passive, to begin with, although, when made angry this is a giant you don’t want to encounter!

  • Bonesworth – A creepy skeleton that has arms for legs, it seems his lower body was somehow cut off and now only has the upper torso with long arms as legs.

There are so many more creatures that the full Trevor Henderson mod pack has to offer and I definitely think it’s worth the download! If you like to play Garry’s Mod with your friends, then this is something you are going to want to try. This pack can provide countless hours of content if you allow it to!

How Is Trevor Henderson Better Than Other Creature Packs?

The Trevor Henderson mod pack is widely used across the Garry’s Mod community. This is because it includes some of the best creatures you can add to your GMod server. Most people like this particular mod because of how well the NPC’s are developed. They are challenging to survive against which in most cases makes it really fun to try and defeat them with friends! The creatures in this pack also have “execution” attacks where in some cases they will literally rip your head right off your body to finish you off!

Where Can I Download the Mod?

To download the Trevor Henderson mod pack please follow this link here

How to Install the Trevor Henderson Mod Pack On Your GMod Server

  • Navigate to the download page for the mod here
  • Next, you want to click on where it says “Add to collection”
  • Select the collection you want to add it to (if you don’t have one yet create one)
  • After the collection is made, make sure you have published it, then copy the link to your workshop collection you just made
  • Go onto your Iceline Hosting game panel, go to the startup parameters, and paste the link into the “workshop ID” section. **Make sure you delete everything except the numbers at the end of the link**
  • Click “Update startup parameters” at the bottom and restart your GMod server!


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