Rust: Basic Controls

In this guide, we will go over the basic controls that you need to know in order to play Rust. After this, you should understand how to do the basics and how to change any control and perform any action you want. Keep reading to learn more and start your Rust server hosting services at Iceline Hosting today!


Just like many other FPS games, Rust uses the standard WASD to move. Similarly, SHIFT is used for sprinting, CTRL is used for crouching, and SPACEBAR is used for jumping. All of these default keybinds can be changed within the controls settings in the options. You can also freelook while running. To do this, hold your left ALT key and look around with your mouse.

Binds for movement


Attacking in Rust is also similar to other FPS games with left click being your primary attack. Left-clicking with weapons will shoot or swing them depending on if it’s a gun or a melee weapon. Right-clicking with a weapon will aim down your sights. However, right-clicking with a tool will put it into a throwing mode which lets you throw it at someone.

A player getting ready to throw his axe

Around the map on your Rust server hosting server, you will also find little rocks, hemp plants, or food (mushrooms, berries, potatoes, etc.). You can pick all of these up with your use key. By default, this key is “E”. Press this on any of those items and it will be added to your inventory. The same goes for dropped items from players or opening doors.


Rust has two forms of communication, voice and text chat. To talk in voice, by default, your key is “V”. You will know if you are transmitting if you see this icon at the top middle of your screen.

Active voice chat icon

However, if you see the same icon with a lighter color, that means you are pressing your voice transmit key but you aren’t speaking or your mic cant pick you up.

Inactive voice chat icon

To talk in chat, the default key is “T”. You will see this box pop up. Type whatever you want and press ENTER to send your message.

Chat box for global chat

If you are in a team, you can type in team chat. To switch to team chat, press TAB, you will then see this instead letting you know you are in team chat.

Chat box for team chat


To get into a crate, press your use key, which is “E” by default. Once in, left click and drag things to and from your inventory, or right click on anything to have it automatically move between loot containers. You can also loot multiple items at once by holding “H” and hovering over items, this is a very quick way to loot crates or drop off resources from a long day of farming.

What holding “H” and hovering over loot does

Other Basic Controls

There are a couple more basic controls you should know for a successful session on your Rust server hosting servers.

Rust comes with a map that shows you where you are and any members of your team are. To open your map, press “G”. You can right-click to move the map around and you can also use your scroll wheel to scroll in or out.

To reload any weapon, press “R” and wait for the animation to finish and your weapon will be reloaded.

Change Any Key Bind

If you would like to change any of the key binds, you can do so in the options. Press ESCAPE -> OPTIONS -> CONTROLS to open all the key binds. In there you can change any key bind you want.

Control option screen


Now you understand the basic controls in Rust and know how to change them if you ever need to!

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VPS Hosting

How to Create a Valheim Server on a Windows VPS


In this tutorial, we’ll be guiding you through the process of creating a Valheim server on a Windows based VPS. We recommend purchasing a Game VPS from Iceline Hosting, as we’ve rigorously tested numerous hardware to ensure that your game server will perform at it’s best!

Installing a Valheim Server

First, you’ll need to use RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to login to your VPS.

1) Navigate to “This PC” then “Local Disk (C:)

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mstsc_FcfBYjAaWt-1024x577.png

2) Create a new folder labelled “SteamCMD”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mstsc_Q6EskIaQM6-1024x579.png

3) Download SteamCMD for Windows, then extract the contents of “” into the folder you just created

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png

5) Follow these instructions:

  • Type “login anonymous”
  • Type “force_install_dir c:\valheim_server\”
  • Type “app_update 896660”

6) Once the server is finished installing, navigate to the folder where you installed the server (C:/valheim_server)

7) Create a new file labelled “start.bat” and copy the following: contents:

start valheim_server.exe -nographics -batchmode -name "My server" -port 2456 -world "Dedicated" -password "secret" -public 1

8) Modify the variables to your liking, such as the password, server hostname etc.

9) Press the Windows button and search for “Allow an app through Windows Firewall”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mstsc_uawfOcDuge.png

10) Click “Allow another app…”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is mstsc_283lJcGnqY-1024x577.png

11) Click “Browse” then navigate to “C:/valheim_server” then click “valheim_server.exe” and click “Open”

12) Click “Add” then press “OK” – The Rust server is now allowed through the firewall!

13) Navigate to “C:/valheim_server” then double click “start.bat” and the server should start!

That’s It!

If you have followed all the steps correctly, your Valheim server should be successfully installed on your VPS. If you’re facing any issues, feel free to contact us!


Rust: Base Survival Tips

Shotgun trap about to blast an unsuspecting raider

Having a good base and being able to survive in it is crucial to having a long and successful wipe. There are many ways to survive in your base such as utilizing electricity, using traps, or just adding enough honeycomb to make you feel safe. All of which will be discussed in this guide.

Making Sure Your Base Has the Resources to Survive.

In order to build out your defenses, the first thing you need to do is to make sure your base actually has the resources to survive. This is where your tool cupboard comes in. Besides providing building privilege, your TC provides your bases upkeep.

Tool Cupboard’s crafting requirements

As you upgrade your base, you will find that it becomes more expensive to keep your base alive. To see how much it costs per day, press “E” on your deployed TC to open the Upkeep Management inventory.

Upkeep Management on a 50% upkeep server

There are only four resources used for upkeep. Those four include:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Metal Fragments
  • High-Quality Metal

Each resource goes up respectively with the amount of each resource you use to upgrade your base. For example, if your base is made of stone and has metal doors, you will need mostly stone and some metal frags. When you upgrade to armored doors or walls, your base will require High-Quality Metal to keep it alive.

If you do not keep your TC stocked, you will see the “Building Decaying” pop up above your health bar.

Pop up saying your base is decaying.

So, during your wipe, make sure you keep your TC stocked up enough so your base does not decay.

Adding Honeycomb to Your Base

Honeycombing is a pretty easy way to make your base harder to raid but at the cost of more resources to keep it from decaying. All honeycombing is is attaching layers of walls (usually with triangle foundations) around the main part of your base to make it more difficult for any potential raiders.

Honeycombing attached to a simple 2×2

When building a base, you should always account for honeycombing, skipping out on it makes your base an easier raid compared to those that don’t even if you have other forms of defense. Often, if raiders see a base with extensive honeycombing, they will skip over it and look for an easier target just because of how annoying it is to raid.

Adding Traps to Your Base

The five traps of Rust (from left to right):
Shotgun Trap, Flame Turret, Auto Turret, Tesla Coil, SAM Site

Adding traps to your base adds another layer of defense making raiding that much more difficult. Some are easier than others (especially after the introduction of electricity). We will start with the easier two of the five, shotgun traps and flame turrets.

Shotgun Traps and Flame Turrets

Both shotgun traps and flame turrets do not require electricity making it easier to add them to your base without having to worry about wiring them up.

A shotgun trap and a flame turret

After placing the traps, they require ammo/fuel. Shotgun traps simply take handmade shells which are really cheap to craft. Flame turrets on the other hand take low grade fuel as the ammo. Both of these traps will activate on anyone that does not have building privilege in your base so make sure everyone on your team gets access.

The other three traps all take electricity in order to operate which makes them a little more difficult to operate but usually are much more worth it.

Auto turret, tesla coil and the SAM site

Auto Turrets

For an auto turret to be functional, you must supply it with a weapon, the ammo for that weapon, and 10 electricity. Unlike the shotgun trap and flame turret, each person that doesn’t want to get shot by the auto turret needs to authorize on it while it is powered down.

To add a weapon, you first need to authorize yourself on it then you can open its inventory by pressing “E”

Auto turret with an AK and 556 ammo

Now that you have a turret with a weapon, you need to supply power. Grab your wire tool and plug it in like so.

Power in port on a auto turret

The turret also has three other ports on the opposite side that allow you to hook up lights or counters for the following actions:

  • When the turret has no ammo
  • When the turret is low on ammo
  • When the turret has acquired a target

Turrets also have two different modes that can be activated:

  • Peacekeeper – only targets armed and hostile players
  • Attack all – attacks anyone that is not authorized

To access these, simply hold “E” on the turret, the following wheel will pop up.

Auto turrets setting wheel

On this wheel, you can also clear the authorization list, deauthorize yourself, and rotate the turret.

Tesla Coils

Another electrical trap is the tesla coil.

Tesla Coil

Tesla coils require a whopping 35 electricity and will lose health when they are active. Unlike the auto turret, tesla coils only have one port and that is the power in port.

Power in port on the tesla coil

These are mostly useful for trap bases where the whole point is to trap someone and kill them for their loot, they are not really effective in offline defense unless you have a complicated detection system installed.

SAM sites

The last and largest trap is the SAM site. These behemoths can be purchased from the outpost for 500 scrap and require SAM ammo to operate. They also require 25 electricity to run. Unlike any other trap, these will target any flying player. There is no way to authorize yourself on one of these. So, you most likely will want to hook these up to a switch to turn them on/off when you are flying around your base.

SAM site

Those are the basics of traps, use as many as you would like as they are very effective at stopping potential attackers.

Adding simple electrical items to your base

In this guide, we will only cover certain things as electricity is its own monster. We will go over two items that are easy to set up and will alert you via the Rust+ app (if you have it enabled) when they are activated. We will go over:

  • HBHF Sensors
  • Storage Monitors
  • Smart Alarms

HBHF Sensors

HBHF sensors will detect players within a 10m radius. You can choose to include/exclude authorized users (building privilege) and include/exclude all others. These work on line of site so if there is anything in the way of the player and the sensor, the player will not set the sensor off. There is an output on these that can either be hooked up to a light or speaker or if you want, you can hook it up to a smart alarm which will notify your phone whenever someone is detected (nifty when you are offline).

Storage Monitors

These can only be placed on TC’s or large storage boxes and can only be placed one way. Similar to HBHF sensors, there is an output that can be hooked up to lights or a speaker, or what you will most likely do is hook it up to a smart alarm. In the app, you can see all the loot that is in whatever storage device you attached it to. If you attach it to a TC, the app will even tell you how much upkeep you have left. Hooking up a smart alarm will alert your phone whenever the loot is touched.

Smart Alarms

Smart alarms are pretty sweet as there only purpose is to alert your phone whenever electricity is supplied to them. You can hook them up to whatever you would like. For example, you could hook them up to turrets to alert you when there is no ammo left, or you could hook them up to a button and make a little doorbell contraption. The ideas are endless which is why this item is so fun.

Remember, when it comes to anything electrical, it is always suggested to use the Rust+ app because that unlocks the true potential of many of the items Rust has to offer.


There is no one way to keep your base safe in Rust and hopefully after reading this guide you gained some new ideas on how you can improve your bases security. Experiment, find what is right for your play style. Maybe you hate the look of honeycombing or maybe electricity is too complicated for you, whatever it is, making sure your base is safe is a very important task during any wipe.

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Top 10 Minecraft Mods


Minecraft, without a doubt is one of the most enjoyable games created. Starting in an empty world with no items or resources, you as the player are left to survive and build up your in-game Empire. But why not enhance your Minecraft Server to new heights?

Minecraft mods are one of the oldest, and best ways to transform the game. With thousands of mods to choose from, what once seemed like a simple game now has the ability to transform everything you know about how Minecraft works.

Whether you are looking to build a rocket, create magic, play Pokemon (in Minecraft?), our comprehensive list of the top 10 Minecraft mods should give you a great starting point to the seemingly endless possibilities.

About mods

If you’ve read this far, you’re likely wondering how exactly mods work and how they can apply to your Minecraft server. Mods in Minecraft are a user-made modification utilizing additional software on top of the base game files. While mods are not limited to using Forge, nearly all Minecraft uses Forge as the mod loader. As Forge is necessary for the mods we will be covering in this guide, you can find a tutorial on installing Forge here.

Mods can be installed on a Minecraft Server so that players can interact with each other while utilizing these modifications, however keep in mind that the mods will need to be installed on both the server, and every players personal launcher.

Top 10 Mods in Minecraft

Okay, so you made it this far. Let’s get into all of the juicy mods that you can get installed to your server and client!

1. Optifine

Single handily the most utilized/popular mod is Optifine. This awesome mod may not change the gameplay in any significant way, however it adds optimizations and new customization abilities to the game such as: the use of shaders, increased view distance, heavily reduced lag, capes, and more.

How does this effect your server you might ask? Unfortunately, this is a client-side only mod. However, is definitely a great one to check out!

2. Just Enough Items

With over 90 million downloads, comes in JEI. Using the regular Minecraft inventory can become quite the pain with it’s lack in features. Luckily, with JEI, some awesome enhancements are set for the inventory. This includes the ability to search items from other mods, enable cheat mode, change the day, find recipes for all items, and so much more!

If you like a simplified, effective gameplay expierence, JEI might just be the mod for you!

3. Pixelmon

Are you a fan of Pokemon? If so, there no better mod than Pixelmon. This mod mix both Minecraft and Pokemon allowing you in-game the ability to capture your favorite pokemon, battle, trade, and breed them. It also brings in a large variety of new items to the game.

Pixelmon is very commonly used alongside Spongeforge and Sponge plugins. The two of these combined can make for one killer server!

4. Immersive Engineering

Dive into a realism-inspired technology mod, Immersive Engineering. Introducing power to the game, wait… not redstone? Nope! This mod adds crazy tech that you wouldn’t think to see in Minecraft such as: power-lines, waterwheels, biodiesel, and some other crazy machines and mechanics.

This tech mod is 100% worth trying out even if you aren’t that into electricity.

5. Pam’s Harvestcraft

Farming is a pretty vital section of Minecraft in order to create a sustainable food source. However, as you may have experienced, it’s quite lacking in the variety aspect. This is where Pam’s Harvestcraft comes into play.

Pam’s Harvestcraft adds over 275 NEW foods and recipes to the game. On top of that, you can experiment with all types of new cooking recipes to cook all types of unique dishes.

6. Blood Magic

Are you a fan of magic? If so, this is the mod for you. Yes, that’s right, a mod that brings magic into Minecraft. Blood Magic is quite the dangerous arcane art that gathers immense power through the use of blood, a forbidden material!

While this great power sounds nice, proceed at your own risk as this magic can become quite dangerous. Anything that might happen to your character while you dabble in forbidden magic is out of our hands now!

7. Chisel and Bits

What is Minecraft without building? Being a core feature in the game, you’d think that it was a pretty complete concept. False, young ones! Chisel and Bits is just the mod for you architects.

This mod adds in a variety of new decorative blocks to improve your own creativity and adhere to your building styles needs. On top of that, it provides a wrench allowing you to copy designs and store bits. Building a base in Minecraft has never been more exciting!

8. Applied Energistics 2

Energy in Minecraft? Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A mod that is centered around the concept of using energy and the transference of it. This mod will really get your brain spinning as you try figuring out how to transfer energy using items such as ME Level Emitter, ME Drives, P2P Tunnels, Wireless Terminal, and so much more. Also, there are plenty of new decorative blocks such as the Sky Stone Block, Certus Quartz Pillar, and Quartz Glass.

9. Thaumcraft

Ahh, Thaumcraft – How could I not add such a great mod to this list. Thaumcraft is a mod based off of Thaumaturgy. What is that you may ask? Well simply said, it’s the ability for a magician to work miracles. What’s a magic mod though without a wand? The very first thing you can do as a newly found magician is craft your wand which will open the doors to all types discoveries.

Slowly learn and become the best Thaumaturge (One who preforms “Thaumaturgy”) you can be!

10. Biomes O’ Plenty

Coming in #10 is Biomes O’ Plenty, although please take the fact that this is the last on the list with a grain of salt. This mod is one of the oldest and most used/loved mods. We all know and love the Minecraft terrains, but what about a mod that can expand this to limits we couldn’t even imagine? Biomes O’ Plenty does just that. This awesome mods adds in some crazy awesome biomes to the world that truly enhance the gameplay experience. If you would like to spice up your servers world, I highly recommend this mod.

That is all!

Well ladies and gentlemen, you made it to the end of this blog. That is our full comprehensive list of what we believe to be the best Minecraft mods. Please do not forget that this list is somewhat opinion/popularity based and you may not complete agree with it. If that’s the case, that’s perfectly fine as there are thousands of amazing mods out there!

If you are looking a way to spice up your Iceline Hosting Minecraft Server, adding mods is just the way to do so! With our easy to use game panel, adding mods is as easy as just quickly dragging the mod into the mods folder on your server.


How to Install WorldEdit in your Minecraft Server

What Is WorldEdit?

WorldEdit is an indispensable plugin for our Minecraft servers, it adds functions that greatly improve the time we would probably spend in building on a big scale in our servers. The preferred tool for those dedicated to building.

Between his great functions is the ability to cut, copy and paste map’s sections in other places; insert spheres and geometric figures in a matter of seconds, and following math forms such as vectors

Even more, combined with plugins such as WorldGuard you can also design certain zones with special rules such as disabling fire spread, mob spawning, or something pretty common: disabling PVP (mostly used on spawns)

Downloading WorldEdit


  1. Go to the game panel of your server and stop it
  2. Click on the Configuration tab and go to SFTP Settings
  3. Using software such as Filezilla, access your server’s files with the credentials found there
  4. When in your server’s files, go to the plugin folder.
    • If it doesn’t exist, make it
  5. Paste the file you’ve downloaded
  6. Go to your server’s console and start it, if everything went well it should recognize it

WorldEdit Basic Commands

WorldEdit WILL ONLY WORK for those with admin access (or perms designated by some permission’s manager plugin like LuckyPerms)

Start using WorldEdit

The tool to use WorldEdit is a wooden ax, you can get it via normal game methods or by putting the command //wand in the console. As a side note, most of the WorldEdit commands start with // instead of the normal /

The first thing to know is that the ax will be used to select the positions where to apply transformations, with the left click you set position 1, and with the right click position 2, then you can apply some of the world edit commands such as the following ones:


The //set command lets you change the area of your selection for the block of your choice (here you can find a list with minecraft’s block ids, you can also check it in-game, press f3+h at the same time and when you hover your cursor over a block you’ll see the corresponding id, and also some other stuff which I honestly think is pretty cool!

//set stone || Which turns the area into stone
//set lava || Lava, burns

//set wool || Turns selected area into wool, pretty much self-explained, to change the color you’ll use it like this wool:color
//set wool:blue
//set wool:gray


Did you make a building so good that you want to make a lot of copies from it? Use the command //copy for that. As explained before, just select a zone and put //copy in the chat


Almost the same as //copy, just that this one removes the original place when moved to another place


It goes by the hand with the //copy command, once something is copied, just find a good spot and put //paste in the chat. Though honestly speaking you might need a few tries


One of the most useful commands for WorldEdit, something didn’t end up as you wanted? Easy, just use //undo to undo the last thing you made and give it another try!

A more extensive guide about WorldEdit can be found here. You can also check the available commands in your server by typing //help in the console. Facing any issue? Feel free to contact us!

Learn more about our Minecraft server hosting service at Iceline Hosting.


Building Your First Base in Rust

Your first base!

So, you just spawned in on Rust and you’re confused on where to start or how to even build a base. Hopefully, after reading this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of base building works and how to stay safe when you log off your Rust server hosting in the hostile environment that Rust brings. When starting a base, there is one main thing that you need to get starter – wood. To collect wood, you simply use any tool like your starting rock or a hatchet and hit any tree or downed log you see. Make sure you see this pop up to make sure you are collecting wood.

You’ll need to get enough wood to craft a Tool Cupboard (also known as a TC). One TC costs 1,000 wood, so a good amount of wood to start with would be about 6,000. This will make it so only you (and friends) can craft near your base. To craft one, press ‘Q’ on your keyboard to open the crafting menu. You can look in the “Construction” tab or simply search “Tool Cupboard” to find it, you should see this.

Click craft and wait the 30 seconds that it takes. We will also need a door and a lock to keep people out. If you are playing by yourself, a simple key lock is enough as you do not need a key to actually open the door. However, if you are playing with friends on your Rust server hosting, a code lock is recommended. So, let’s craft a lock and a door.

Now that we have our main components for our base, we will need the tools to construct the building blocks. You will need a Building Plan and a Hammer. These can be found in your crafting menu similar to previous items. Once you have a Building Plan and your wood, let’s place our foundations. Take out your Building Plan and you should see a blue shape of what you will placing down.

Foundation footprint

Let’s create four of these in a square, this will be our starting foundation for our starter 2×2. Next, let’s choose the wall building block from the Building Plan wheel. To do this, equip your building plan and hold right-click. You should see a wheel like this.

Go to the wall block and left click to select it. Now, this is very important. When placing walls, rotation does matter! One way is much easier to raid than the other. You can rotate walls by pressing ‘R’ on your keyboard. The inside wall should look like this when placing.

Correct way for a wall from the inside of your base.

The following is what you should not see when placing the wall from inside your base.

Incorrect way when placing from inside your base.

You always want the smooth side on the outside of your base to make it stronger and harder to raid against. Now that you understand walls, place walls around seven of the eight sections, you should get something like this.

Now let us place that doorway, similar to selecting the wall building block, select the doorway block.

Similar to the correct wall placement, doorways work the same way, place the smoother side towards the outside of the base. You should get something like this.

Now let us top the base off with a roof. Again, like the walls and doorway, select the floor building block.

Now place four floors above you to close off the base. We now have the shell complete, now all that is left is placing the door and lock, placing our TC, and upgrading the walls. Let’s upgrade all of our building blocks to wood first. Take out your hammer and right-click. You should see the upgrade wheel. We will start by upgrading our base to wood, we can upgrade later to stone, metal, or armored.

After upgrading all your walls, floors, and ceilings, your base should look something like this.

Now it’s time to place your door. Equip your door and point it in the doorway, you should see a blue outline like this. You can either have it open inwards or outwards, it is up to you.

Left-click and the door should drop into place. Now let us add that lock we crafted earlier. Equip it and click on the door. You should now see a new lock on the door. It should look like this.

Wooden door with a lock on it.

To lock the door, look at the lock and hold ‘E’ on your keyboard. You should see a wheel pop up. You will want to select “Lock” to lock the door. It should look like this.

Once locked, the little green box that was on the lock should turn red.

Now your base is locked! Finally, let’s place that Tool Cupboard. Equip it and place it anywhere in your base. Our team at Iceline Hosting recommends a corner like the one opposite that of the door. The inside of your base should now look something like this.

Empty wood starter base with a TC and wooden door.

Now, the main components of your base are done! But, you may now notice a new pop up above your health.

Your building is decaying! This means after a while, your base will start to fall apart. To fix this, all we have to do is add wood to our TC. When you upgrade later down the road, the material will change with the type of material your base is made of. You can see the cost of upkeep by opening the TC (press ‘E’ on it). The number may vary on the type of Rust server hosting server you are playing on, but in this case, it costs 157 wood per day. Place some wood in there and your base will no longer decay!

Now that your base is built and TC has resources to stop it from decaying, we can now fill it with “stuff.” The first thing you are going to want is a sleeping bag. This is where you will respawn when you die. Sleeping bags costs 30 cloth to craft. To gather cloth, simply pick three hemp bushes or kill animals and harvest them for cloth. Once crafted, place it wherever suits you best.

You can even rename it to make it easier for yourself to know where each bag is located if you have multiple. This can be done by clicking ‘E’ when looking at the bag.

Now you have a respawn point for when you die. Now you may be asking, “Where does all the loot I just got go?” Well, let us make storage boxes for all that loot. You will need 100 wood for one small wooden box. You can craft the large one, but that requires metal which you may or may not have yet. Place that box in your base and open it up to place stuff inside.

The next thing you will want to get is a furnace on your Rust server hosting server. This is not immediately important, but it is what you should aim at getting after your base is complete as it will be required for upgrading defenses and gear later on in your Rust experience. One furnace will cost you 200 stones, 100 wood, and 50 low-grade fuel. Stone and wood are easy to get, but low-grade fuel is just a little harder. You can either craft it by using cloth and animal fat (which can be obtained by harvesting animals) or by refining crude oil in an oil refinery. These furnaces are used for smelting metal ore, sulfur ore, and high-quality metal ore which are used for numerous things like metal doors, weapons, and explosives.

Another thing you may want to add is an airlock. The most common type of airlock for a 2×2 is one triangle foundation connected to the main door with another doorway with another door. They look like this.

Basic airlock

This prevents enemies from “going deep” or getting your loot, making your base on your Rust server hosting server just a little safer.

And that’s it! Hopefully, you found this guide helpful for getting your first base in Rust up and running. Make sure to check out our other guides to help you with your first days in Rust. Stay safe and trust no one.

If you are looking to get started in Rust, look into purchasing Rust server hosting services at Iceline Hosting by clicking this link: Start your Rust server hosting


Everything You Need To Know About Raiding In Rust

Collecting resources and hitting trees and rocks tends to get repetitive after a while, so raiding can spice up your gameplay and allow you to interact more directly with other players by raiding their bases.

What is raiding in Rust?

Raiding player bases is when you destroy the players base’s walls and gain access to the goods inside of their base. One of the major things you should go for is the tool cupboard. This allows you to prevent other people from building blocks, placing, or picking up deployables within an area around the base. Control of the tool cupboard also means that you will not be targeted by any flame turrets or shotgun traps within the cupboard’s radius.

Player hitting wall of a base with pickaxe

How do I prepare to raid?

When it comes to raiding bases, you need to have a good plan. You should have an inventory flush with items that make your raid as easy as possible. Everything in your inventory should be there for a reason (make sure you leave room for your loot!).

Some of the things you’ll need in your inventory when your go raiding on your Rust game server hosting server can include the following:

  • Armor – Even if you don’t have any lower body armor, having a helmet is the bare minimum you should have when going to raid bases of other players.
  • Firearms – Guns are very important to have with you in your raid because, while they may attract unwanted attention, guns are more reliable than other forms of weaponry.
  • Melee Weapons – You should use melee weapons most of the time as you can run out of firearm ammunition very easily. Make sure that you hit flesh with the weapon as hitting armor with melee weapons won’t do much to help your raid.
  • Healing Materials – Being able to heal yourself in the raid you are conducting is extremely important because you will almost certainly take damage and recovering from that damage is very important.
  • Explosives (optional) – The use of charges, rockets, and grenades can be great additions to the rest of your raid materials and will allow you to deal extra damage and break-in easier.

While not all items here are necessary, having more variety will allow you to be more prepared for different situations and people inside of bases. Also, keep in mind that some items do require additional materials, higher-tier workbenches, or other research/resources you may not have yet on your Rust gamer server hosting server at Iceline Hosting.

How do I know what materials I need to do a raid?

When preparing for your raid, it is important to not over-pack your inventory as it will restrict the number of items you can take back with you from the raid.

It is also important to consider the strength of the base you plan on raiding as well as its inhabitants.

Image showing different types of walls and their health value, the strongest walls being on the left side, with weaker walls on the right side.

Generally, the best bases to go for are bases with walls that have health values between 250 and 2000. Depending on how far you’ve advanced the game, it might be better to start raiding bases that are closer to 500 – 250 and then move up to stronger bases as your progress. Keep in mind that the higher the health value of the walls of a base, the more likely the inhabitants are going to be armed with strong munitions.

It is also important to consider door strength alongside base walls.

Getting Ready To Strike

Before The Strike

When getting ready to strike, you should try and get a team together and designate an experienced raid leader to make sure the raid goes smoothly.

If you cannot get a team together or prefer to go solo, here are some helpful tips for raiding on your Rust game server hosting server:

  1. Keep your cool – It is important to remain calm and think clearly as it is easy to get worked up in intense situations.
  2. Heal up and eat – It is important your stats are as high as they can be as you are bound to take some hits when raiding, especially alone.
  3. Create a raid base – Even if your raid base is 1×2, it is important to have at least a small structure to store your loot and respawn in the event of anything going wrong.

Strike Time

When approaching the base you’re raiding, it is a good idea to look for weaknesses in the base that would allow you to get in easier. Knowing how to locate these weaknesses is crucial because, without an entrance to the base, there won’t be a raid.

Once you are inside, your first priority should be to get to the cupboard in the base as it is the heart of the base and allows you to take control of the base’s structure and lock others out of the base.

Watch Out For Traps

When raiding, it is important to be on the lookout for traps as traps could mean the end of your raid and your belongings.

Some common traps to look out for on Rust game server hosting servers are:

  • Turrets – Auto turrets are difficult to go up against but a few explosives or explosive rounds of ammunition can take it out with no sweat.
  • Traps – Shotgun traps are another thing to look out for as they, while not able to turn like the auto-turrets, usually end up causing death to unsuspecting raiders.
  • Spikes – While spikes do not do much damage if you just walk up against them, if you fall down onto the spikes, it could mean severe damage or death.
  • Mines – Try to be careful around mines and keep a vigilant eye out as you are as good as dead if you step on one.

Raid Successful!

Congrats! You’ve successfully completed a raid on a base and are reaping in the goods you’ve collected from inside!

Your next steps should include making sure that you bring your stats back up (if you haven’t already) by eating and healing yourself and make sure that you protect your goods in a secure base!

Ready to start your own Rust server? Check out Rust game server hosting services at Iceline Hosting today!


How to Install ESX

What’s ESX?

ESX(also known as es_extended) is an RPG Framework for FiveM servers, a must-have for roleplay servers and one of the most popular scripts in the community, most of the FiveM servers use ESX for their grand quantity of functions and possibilities like jobs and economy which contributes to bringing life to the city!

Furthermore, you’re not limited only to the options offered by this mod, you can also use it along with other popular mods like FivePD or vMenu to further improve your experience!

How to Install ESX

  • In your game panel, click on your server and stop it
  • On the left side of your panel hover your cursor on Management and click on Mod Manager
  • Choose which version you want: ESXv1 or ESXv2 (Recommended) and click on install, as a result, the ESX version of your choice will now be pre-installed on your server
    • If you haven’t installed Async / Mysql-Async yet also install it, either one works and will be needed

Uploading the ESX files to the database

  • Go to the game panel of your server
  • Click on Management>File Management and download the .sql archive found there (either ESXv1 SQL.sql or ESX v2 SQL.sql)
  • Go to Management>Databases
  • Using the credentials found here, click on phpMyAdmin and access
  • Click on your database (found on the left side) and press Import (found on the top bar)
  • Look into your files for the file you’ve recently downloaded, when selected press go, the file will start uploading to your server
    • You could also just drag and drop it and wait for it to complete

You haven’t created a database yet? check how to set up your database

Connecting the Database

  • Go to the game panel of your server
  • Click on Management, go to File Management and then click on your server.cfg
  • There you’ll find a line called mysql_connection_string
  • Change the specified (red) spaces with the corresponding database detail
"server=MYSQL Host;uid=USERNAME;password=PASSWORD;database=DATABASE NAME"
  • Press the Save File button

All Done! Your server with ESX should now be completely set up. As you can see our mod manager makes it pretty easy to go! Enjoy playing!

Facing any Issue?

Make sure the file was uploaded correctly or that you’re using the correct ESX version. Your scripts might not be completely compatible with the ESX version you’re using. Please double-check the information you have entered into the server.cfg. If you mistyped or misformatted the details, it will not work correctly. If you are still having issues after this, feel free to contact Iceline Hosting’s support for further assistance.

Learn more about our FiveM server hosting service at Iceline Hosting.


Rust: January Update

2020 was sure a year of uncertainty and was very strange to say the least. However, Facepunch is still working hard to provide some crucial updates to the game Rust. In this year of Rust, Facepunch has added many new crucial features to the game such as:

  • Ring Road
  • Modular Turrets
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Farming 2.0
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Electric Heaters
  • Rust+
  • Modular Vehicles
  • Airwolf, Boat shop, and stables
  • Mixing table
  • Elevators
  • Weather system
  • Telephones
  • Tech Trees
  • And many many more improvements and fixes

In 2021 Facepunch plans to add in a lot more features and continue making the game better each month.

Twitch Drops:

This month’s update also brings us (players) a chance to receive some awesome skins for Rust. To participate in these twitch drops all you have to do is connect your twitch account to your Rust account and watch your favorite streamers play! It is really as simple as that!

Twitch Drop's Rewards for watching any Rust streamer

Additionally, you can watch Auronplay, Jacksepticeye, lilypichu, ludwig, Myth, pokimane, shroud, Sykkuno, and xQc to earn unique drops that can only be earned from watching these channels.

Twitch Drop's Rewards for watching specific Rust streamers.

Blueprint Wipe:

For the first time in a very long time, Rust is forcing a blueprint wipe across all servers. Facepunch feels that with last months update (Tech Trees) everyone should be now put on a level playing field no matter which server you choose to play on! They also mentioned that you shouldn’t expect another forced blueprint wipe anytime soon!

Server Save Backups:

Rust is now introducing server saves and backups. Recently, there was a bug in Rust that caused EU2 to get wiped mid-month for the Christmas patch. They now claim that the bug is now resolved, with that they also introduced a new server convar “server.saveBackupCount” which gives you some control over the number of backup copies to keep (default and minimum value is two). If you ever need to restore a backup, simply remove the number suffix on the save’s file name (ex: craggy.sav.2 -> craggy.sav).

Centralized Banning:

Rust has created a new system for banning. This means that if you are someone who runs multiple Rust servers you can use this system to merge all the bans across all of your servers.

Server Capacity:

This month the game Rust is hoping to see a rise in current player count. This is great news! However, some of us might be thinking with more players the worst servers can get. However, that is not the case here! Facepunch is currently added new servers and has already added 13 new official servers today. They will be releasing more servers and announcing that over Twitter and Discord!

Purchase Rust Hosting:

If you are looking to get started in Rust you can purchase a game server from us by clicking this link: Start your Rust hosting

To read the full January update blog you can go to Facpunch’s Rust blog here.

VPS Hosting

How to Create a Rust Server on a Windows VPS


In this tutorial, we’ll be guiding you through the process of creating a Rust server on a Windows based VPS. We recommend purchasing a Game VPS from Iceline Hosting, as we’ve rigorously tested numerous hardware to ensure that your game server will perform at it’s best!

Installing a Rust Server

First, you’ll need to use RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) to login to your VPS.

1) Navigate to “This PC” then “Local Disk (C:)

2) Create a new folder labelled “SteamCMD”

3) Download SteamCMD for Windows, then extract the contents of “” into the folder you just created

4) Double-click “steamcmd” and run it, SteamCMD will then run an update

5) Follow these instructions:

  • Type “login anonymous”
  • Type “force_install_dir c:\rust_server\”
  • Type “app_update 258550”

6) Once the server is finished installing, navigate to the folder where you installed the server (C:/rust_server)

7) Create a new file labelled “start_server.bat” and copy the following: contents:

echo off
C:\SteamCMD\steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +force_install_dir c:\rust_server\ +app_update 258550 +quit
RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.port 28015 +server.level "Procedural Map" +server.seed 1234 +server.worldsize 4000 +server.maxplayers 10  +server.hostname "Name of Server as Shown on the Client Server List" +server.description "Description shown on server connection window." +server.url "" +server.headerimage "" +server.identity "server1" +rcon.port 28016 +rcon.password letmein +rcon.web 1
goto start

8) Modify the variables to your liking, such as the max players, server hostname etc.

9) Press the Windows button and search for “Allow an app through Windows Firewall”

10) Click “Allow another app…”

11) Click “Browse” then navigate to “C:/rust_server” then click “RustDedicated.exe” and click “Open”

12) Click “Add” then press “OK” – The Rust server is now allowed through the firewall!

13) Navigate to “C:/rust_server” then double click “start_server.bat” and the server should start!

That’s It!

If you have followed all the steps correctly, your Rust server should be successfully installed on your VPS. If you’re facing any issues, feel free to contact us!