How to Connect to Your CSGO Server?

What Is a CSGO Server?

CSGO allows you to get your own server, you can decide what scripts and maps you want to use. You can use your server for public use or just play with your friends and family. Here is a guide on how to join your CSGO server.

How to Connect to Your CSGO Server?

  1. Navigate to and go to your server console.
  2. Start the server up and make sure there are no errors, then you can start the game up
  3. On the main menu page, go to your “game settings” and find where it says “enable developer console” make sure this is ticked to yes.
  4. Next, open the console up and type “connect “yourip:port” You can find your IP and Port on the game panel in the configuration > server info tab. 
  5. Done! You should now be connecting!

Facing Any Issues?

Make sure you have followed this guide properly and checked your console for errors. Whenever errors occur, check the console for the error message. Even after you’ve tried all this, but you’re still facing issues? You can always make a support ticket at any time and we will respond within our business hours.


How to Upload Custom Maps

What Is a Custom Map?

There are hundreds of maps available for CSGO. Downloading a custom map can be used to create a unique CSGO server. This may range from a surf CSGO server to a zombie escape CSGO server. You can either upload a custom map you created yourself or install one from various websites.

How to Upload Your Custom Map

  1. Locate and find the map you want, we recommend the following site:
  2. Download your map, and extract it to a folder.
  3. Open your Filezilla, and log in to your CSGO server.
  4. Go to /csgo/csgo/maps/ – and upload the .bsp and .jpg files.

How to Change Your Map on Your Server

  1. Head to the Iceline Game Panel and select your CSGO server. 
  2. Select “Configuration”
  3. Select “Startup Parameters”
  4. Change the current map to your new map.

Facing Any Issues?

Make sure you have followed this guide properly and checked your console for errors. If the map doesn’t work, please contact the map developer before contacting us. If any issues occur, check the console for the error message, if you are still unsure of how to fix the errors, feel free to contact our support team.


How to Create a Steam Token for a CSGO Server

What Is a Steam Token?

A Steam Token is a unique key you need to create before running a CSGO server. This Steam token is uniquely registered to your steam account. Valve requires all CSGO server owners to make a Steam token so the CSGO server can be registered to a Steam account.

How to Create a Steam Token?

  1. Go this link Steam Game Server Account Management
  2. Log in to your Steam account.
  3. Type “730” in the “App ID” field.
  1. Press create in the button.
  2. Copy all the numbers.
  3. Insert the numbers in the “Checkout” page, or in Startup Parameters

Facing Any Issues?

Make sure to login with your own steam account and the steam account has CSGO to connect to the CSGO server. If there are any Steam related problems, please make sure to contact Steam Support. If you have any problems with your CSGO server, please open a ticket and we will assist you.


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