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How to Install StarWarsRP

What is StarWarsRP?

StarWarsRP utilizes the DarkRP framework to create a Star Wars role playing environment. With thousands of addons, maps, and vehicles available on the Steam store, you can create a unique gameplay experience! StarWarsRP is a fun, entertaining, and unique game mode that many enjoy.

How to Download StarWarsRP

  1. Firstly, download DarkRP
  2. Extract the contents onto your desktop
  3. Rename the folder from “DarkRP-master” to “starwarsrp”
  4. Rename the “darkrp.txt” to “starwarsrp.txt”
  5. Edit the “starwarsrp.txt” to the following:
  1. Go to the gamemode folder
  2. Edit the “cl_init” and “init” to the following:

How to Upload StarWarsRP to Your Game Server

  1. Login to the Iceline Game Panel
  2. Go to File Management
  3. Go to /garrysmod/gamemodes/
  4. Upload the “starwarsrp” folder

How to Install StarWarsRP on Your Game Server

  1. Go to “Configuration”
  2. Go to “Startup Parameters”
  3. Change “sandbox” to “starwarsrp” – This is capital sensitive
  4. Restart your game server.

Facing Any Issues?

If this does not work, pleased check if you have downloaded and configured the DarkRP files and changed it to “StarWarsRP” correctly. Please ensure you have also changed ‘sandbox’ to ‘starwarsrp’ in your game server’s startup parameters. Be careful not to modify or delete any of the core game files, as this may mean you will need to reinstall your entire server!

We suggest using an additional addon called ‘DarkRP Modification’ which allows for easy modification of the game mode. If any errors occur, check the console for the error message and conduct a quick Google search first.

We assure you that other people will have come across the same issue! If you are still unsure of how to fix the errors, feel free to contact our support team here.

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