How to Install a Resource Pack

What Is a Resource Pack?

A resource pack is a Minecraft pack that can modify sounds, music, and textures. You can use them for many purposes such as setting the theme for an adventure map, showing a custom health bar and much more.

How to Install a Server Resource Pack

  1. Download or create your preferred resource pack and ensure it’s 50MB or lower in size
  2. Place the resource pack in a zip file and upload it to a file-sharing website such as Dropbox, Mediafire, etc
  3. Edit your server properties via the file management panel and paste the direct link to the resource pack under the resource pack section
  4. Restart your server

Facing Any Issues?

If you have linked the resource pack and it’s not loading on the client, check if the link is valid, it must be a direct link to the file and the pack is 50MB or lower. After you check these if you are still having issues feel free to contact our support team!

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