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The All-New Iceline Panel

Easily manage your game server using our state-of-the-art custom game panel with a plethora of features.


Feature Filled

Our new, innovative panel is designed and built from the ground up by our talented team of designers and developers with helpful features such as: automated backups and restart scheduling, a mod installer for popular modifications for games, and a robust file and database backup system to help protect your data.

Automatic Instant Setup
Cloud Backups
Player List
Subuser Accounts
Location Transfers
Live Statistics
12+ Games Supported
Automatic Schedules
Mod & Plugin Manager
Audit Logs
Free Subdomain
Database Backups

Innovative Mod Manager

Easily install and manage popular mods on Minecraft, Garry's Mod and FiveMâ„¢ servers with our custom built mod manager.

Mod Manager

Robust Backups

Our robust backup manager allows you to easily created and manage file and database backups, and restore them onto your server at any time.

Cross-Location Server Transfers

Easily transfer your server between our available locations at any time using our transfer manager integrated into our game panel.

New Panel

Need A Game Panel?

We've partnered with Retranex, a cloud computing services and software solutions company that has developed their own Game Panel which we're about to utilize for our game hosting customers. The Retranex Game Panel is a web-based control panel that allows game hosting providers and their customers to manage and monitor their games hosted on the providers servers. The Game Panel provides an easy-to-use interface for all aspects of game hosting, from starting and stopping games, to installing plugins.