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Sales Representative

Permanent Role

Do you want to improve your cv/resume? We are looking for a sales representative to join our enthusiastic team.

This role will involve answering support tickets and live chats with potential clients inquiring about our services.

Your responsibility will be to inform the potential client why we're the best and why they should purchase from us.

You must be independent, efficient, organized and you need to be able to work in a team at times.

You will be the friendly face of the company, are expected to remain professional and courteous at all times.

Technical Engineer

Permanent Role

Are you a geek? We are looking for a technical engineer to join our friendly team of highly skilled staff.

You will be working closely with the sales representative, assisting clients with any issues that may occur with their service(s).

This role will require some prior knowledge and preferrably have owned or run previous servers before.

You must be able to solve problems on your own, be polite, industrious and professional at all times.

You must be familiarised with the services we support.