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Service-Level Agreement

Last Updated: 05/10/2019

Agreement Overview

This Agreement represents a Service-Level Agreement (“SLA” or “Agreement”) between Iceline Hosting LTD and the customer who agrees to be bound by this Agreement. This Agreement outlines as to what constitutes acceptable service in quantifiable and measurable terms.

Goals & Objectives

The intent of this Service-Level Agreement (SLA) is to ensure the proper understanding and commitments are in place for effective support, measurement and resource planning in relation to providing technical support. The goal of this agreement is to obtain mutual agreement between Iceline Hosting and the customer and to outline the technical support we offer.

Periodic Review

This Agreement is valid from the date of purchase and is valid until the server is terminated or cancelled. This Agreement should be reviewed at a minimum of once per fiscal year. However, during any review that takes place, the current agreement will remain in effect. Iceline Hosting reserves the right to change or alter our terms or policies at any time without notifying any of our customers. It's the customer's responsibility to check regularly for updates or changes.

Service Scope

The following services are covered by this agreement;

  • Monitored ticket support
  • Monitored email support
  • Monitored discord support
  • Monitored live chat
  • Daily system health check

  • Any support requested outside of these services will not be replied to due to security reasons.

    Customer Responsibilities

    Customer responsibilities in support of this agreement include:

  • Payment for all support costs at the agreed interval
  • Periodically review this Service-Level Agreement (SLA) for any updates or changes
  • Reasonable availability of customer when resolving a service-related incident or request.
  • Support

    During our office hours, we guarantee a 6-hour response time for technical support requests submitted and a 12 hour response time for technical support requests outside our office hours.
    Our office hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Friday: 9am BST - 7:30pm BST
  • Saturday and Sunday: Closed (Expect 12 hour response times)

  • Free Support
    Once the customer purchases any service, this SLA agreement is in effect.
    The technical support we offer for free of charge includes...
  • Password reset or issues with logging into an account
  • Accessing SFTP and file management
  • The creation or deletion of a database
  • Accessing a database internally or externally
  • Reinstalling a server
  • Configuring schedules of servers
  • Configuration of a firewall

  • Managed Support
    Alternatively, the customer can choose to pay for the managed support addon. Managed support costs an additional £10/month recurring on top of the service.

    The technical support we offer with managed support includes...
  • Migration of services
  • Investigation and diagnosis of errors in relation to the server or third-party scripts (Capped at 5 Scripts)
  • Fixing errors in relation to the server or third-party scripts (Capped at 5 Scripts)
  • Installing third-party scripts or software (Capped at 5 Scripts)
  • Recovery of lost data
  • If you need more than 5 scripts installed/fixed it will cost more.

    Hardware Replacement

    In the rare event that hardware results in a fault or failure, Iceline Hosting LTD guarantees the faulty hardware will be sourced and replaced within 36 hours from the incident.

    DDoS Protection

    Iceline Hosting LTD offers DDoS Protection for free of charge across all our services (except dedicated hosting). This protection includes up to 4Tbps mitigation capacity and protection against all attacks.

    Claiming Outage Credit

    In the event of an outage and your server is unusable or inaccessible, we offer credit for the amount of downtime.

  • 10 minutes to 30 minutes downtime = 12 hours credit
  • 30 minutes to 2 hours downtime = 24 hours credit
  • 2 hours to 4 hours = 48 hours credit
  • 4 hours to 6 hours = 96 hours credit
  • 6 hours to 8 hours = 192 hours credit
  • 8 hours or longer = 384 hours credit
  • SLA Liability

    This SLA is only offered to its direct customers, we’re not liable for any downtime caused by a reseller of its services. Planned maintenance of network, hardware or power does not qualify for outage credit. Any failures caused outside of Iceline Hosting LTD’s control, including ISP outages, acts of God (weather, natural disaster, or any other disaster) does not qualify for outage credit.