What are the top Garry’s Mod addons for every player? Some of these are essential, while others are just plain fun. One thing is for sure: you can’t go wrong with any of these! Let’s take a look at them now, shall we?


  • The Cinema GMod addon is a great choice for those who love watching videos with friends, as it allows you to watch YouTube videos right from the game itself. Simply type in “cinema” into your chat window and search away! You can also use Ctrl + Shift + C if that’s easier for you.
  • Garry’s Mod actually has its own game mode dedicated to this workshop mod, ‘Cinema’. These servers are definitely worth checking out if you enjoy watching and laughing along to all sorts of things with other players.


  • Wiremod is a pretty complex mod that provides various tools and utilities to help you build things like aircraft, vehicles, or even entire buildings. It’s great for those who want to create their own maps and custom content – so if you’re interested in mapping and the sort, be sure to check this one out!

Star Wars Lightsabers

  • This addon is much better than the default one, in my opinion. It adds many Star Wars-related items to Garry’s Mod, including various Saber models that you can wield around by simply pressing E+R (default keybindings). They even have their own sounds and whatnot! If you’re a fan of both Star Wars AND Garry’s Mod then this should definitely be on your list of must-have addons.
  • As a bonus, another great Star-Wars-related addon – but this time around it’s droid models! This pack provides several animated droids that players can spawn into their servers or maps for some extra fun times alongside other players.

Prop Hunt

  • If you’ve never heard of prop hunt, it’s possible you’ve been living under a rock! But for those who haven’t, Prop Hunt is a Garry’s Mod game mode where players must blend into the environment as objects and hide from patrolling players. Prop Hunt is one of those game modes that’s dated and has been popular for years, but definitely deserves it due to its unique gameplay elements not seen in other types of games.
  • Many Prop Hunters use this addon for personalizing their servers without having to go through all kinds of trouble with configs etc. With so many props available, you can pretty much find anything – even things like food or random junk lying around on the ground! I’m sure there are some more interesting ones out there though… feel free to mention them if you do know any good ones!

Precision Tool

  • This is another one of those addons that can’t be missed. Precision Tool mainly comes in use for building by allowing you to place objects at very specific locations – even if the ground below has uneven terrain or there are other obstacles on the way!
  • It’s definitely something I recommend having installed, but do keep in mind that some servers may not allow this addon (and others like it)… and would rather force everyone to build things their own way without any ‘cheats’.


  • Outfitter is an addon that allows you to customize your player model by adding/removing different gear items. You can change what shoes you’re wearing, where the holster for your guns is located on your legs, or even if you want to wear a hat!
  • The best thing about Outfitter is that it doesn’t just give you the tools to change your player model – but allows you to save and load different presets, so if there’s a specific character build you want to play as often – set up all the gear items how they need to be and then save your model for use at any time!

Magic Wands

  • Magic Wands is great if you like Harry Potter and want to add some more fun into Garry’s Mod. On the surface, it may just look like a tool that adds magic spells into your game – but there are many different mods for this addon! You can change around gravity so players will fly up in the air when they jump, summon meteors from above to crash down on unsuspecting victims below or even have everyone become zombies and turn against each other.

TDM Cars

  • TDM Cars adds a large variety of cars into your Garry’s Mod experience. From sports cars to monster trucks, you’re going to have a lot of fun just messing around in these vehicles and crashing them into anything that gets in your way!
  • It may seem like a simple addon but there are so many different mods for this one with each adding different kinds of cars at the click of a button. So if you want some high-powered muscle cars with huge tires ready to take on any terrain or sleek concept models made out from scratch – TDM CARS has it all!

Customizable Weaponry 2.0

  • Some people might argue that the base weapons in Garry’s Mod are enough but if you want to take your gameplay up a notch and use some shotguns, assault rifles, or even flamethrowers – this is an addon for you!
  • The Customizable Weaponry mod also allows players to change their guns’ firing mode (single shot, burst fire), properties (damage per bullet, accuracy), and ammo type. The customizations will affect every gun of the same class and they can be applied to all available weapon types: pistols, SMGs, rifles, etc.

Zombie/NPC Invasion

  • Zombies/NPC Invasion is an addon that’s going to make your Garry’s Mod experience ten times more interesting. This mod spawns waves of zombies and NPCs into the map, each one harder than the last! So you’re basically getting a full-on FPS shooting game within Garry’s Mod with this addon installed – it can get pretty intense at times!
  • The spawn rate for these zombies is set quite low by default so if you want them coming thick and fast then take a look under the config files to switch up some settings like respawn time and health amounts too. It really does add another layer of fun when playing around in your favourite sandbox games.

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We hope you check out at least a few of our handpicked favourite Garry’s Mod Addons for an even more enjoyable Garry’s Mod experience, and if you have any other suggestions then don’t hesitate to let us know over on our Discord server.

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