Over the last few years, DDoS attacks have become more of a prominent issue. With the gaming industry accounting for nearly 36% amount of all DDoS attacks in 2019, it’s time to invest in a viable solution.

DDoS attacks are a re-occurring issue at Iceline Hosting, we’ve managed to mitigate thousands of attacks over the last few years. Because of our experience in the matter, we’ve been working on a custom solution exclusive to our customers.

Sticking a fancy firewall in front of a server doesn’t resolve the issue, protecting against DDoS attacks is a constant struggle. With new vulnerabilities being discovered daily, new attack types are also being developed.

What is Iceline Shield?

Iceline Shield is an innovative DDoS protection service exclusive to Iceline Hosting. Iceline Shield utilizes a range of different mitigation providers and techniques to ensure that your server does not go offline due to DDoS attacks.

Our mitigation has specific profiles for each game that we support which address the majority of the vulnerabilities which most DDoS attacks target.

Iceline Shield is included with all of our hosting services for no extra charge. We also offer Remote DDoS protection to allow users to utilise Iceline Shield whilst using another provider or hosting at home. We provide Remote DDoS Protection for FiveM servers as well as many others.

Iceline Shield has been developed over the last few years which we have implemented into our infrastructure to test. We’ve noticed that our protection is great at blocking ALL of the DDoS attacks launched, which is why we’re happy to announce it as a service!

Will Iceline Shield 100% Protect My Server?

Yes, we’re certain that the attacks will be mitigated successfully and your server won’t notice any disruptions or disconnects throughout gameplay due to DDoS attacks. New attack techniques are being created constantly, our mitigation will ensure that new attacks are also blocked.

How Do I Activate Iceline Shield?

Iceline Shield utilizes in-line protection (always on), which means the protection is constantly analyzing packets and filtering out illegitimate traffic. The DDoS protection is automatically enabled upon installation of your server hosting.

Which Games Does Iceline Shield Support?

Our mitigation has been created and tested for FiveM, Source Games (Garry’s Mod, Rust, etc), and Minecraft. We also support many other games through our mitigation.