What is Rust?

Rust is a multiplayer-only survival game developed by Facepunch Studios. You may recognize the developers from the extremely popular sandbox game Garry's Mod. Rust was released in early access in December 2013. It later had released its full game in February 2018. Rust is currently available for Microsoft Windows PC’s or macOS. Facepunch has announced that console versions of the game are expected to come sometime in 2020.

Rust was initially made to be a clone of a popular survival game Day Z. The game’s objective is to survive in the world using materials that are either gathered or stolen from other players on the Rust server. Players have to manage their hunger, thirst, and health to prevent them from dying. In the world of Rust, there are many things that can lead to your death such as bears, wolves, and of course, other players. Players can use materials found throughout the world to make weapons and ammo to defend themselves against attacks. Some of these weapons include but are not limited to guns, bows, explosives, and more. Players in Rust also have to mindful of the NPC vehicles that come around every once in a while that will kill you under certain circumstances.

Rust’s Game Engine

Rust was first released in an early access stage, which is now known as Rust Legacy. This was the first iteration of the game development and was very different from the way the game is now. In the first versions of Rust, they had zombies roaming around instead of what we know now would be replaced by dangerous wildlife. The modern game also has significant improvements to its crafting system. In later-to-come updates, the game was ported over to the game engine Unity 5. This provided massive updates to the graphics displayed in the game. Along with this port over to Unity 5 came the ability to make maps larger and procedurally generated. They also added new anti-cheating software that would ban thousands of players in just a few days. However, this would later change to utilize a third-party anti-cheat software, EasyAntiCheat.


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