What Is Serious Garry’s Mod?

Serious Garry’s Mod is a GMod game mode that GMod Server owners can put on their servers. In most cases, people like to download custom maps and custom addons to really make the world that they are playing as custom as possible! The whole point behind the “serious” aspect is that you are put into this custom world with a rule set that is set by the GMod server owners (this may vary per server). Essentially, you create your own character and you roleplay that character. The character should have its own unique name and backstory to them to really get a feel for the roleplaying.

Why Should You Play Serious Garry’s Mod?

If you are brand new to playing & GMod server hosting and you don’t know what to do or set up to play, then serious Garry’s Mod may be for you! If you are someone who likes to play with a large group of friends or even want to meet new friends, serious GMod can do all of that! There are tons of addons that you can use for Serious GMod. Whatever you want your world to have, you can add it! Things like cars, banks, shops, etc., there are endless possibilities for you to choose from.

What Maps/Addons Can We Choose From?

As stated earlier, there are tons of maps/addons to choose from. However, let’s go over some of our top picks that we think suit the roleplaying experience.

RP Rockford – This map is great because it’s a fairly large map with many points of interest and things to do on it! This map features a car dealership, clubs, houses, shops, and much more! If you are looking to roam around with friends, I definitely recommend this map for your GMod server!

RP_downtown – This is another great map! This map provides an area of a downtown city. The GMod map has many features such as a jail, a mayors office, a bank & vault, and so much more! The map is fully packed with all of the features you would ever want in your GMod server! This map has been a fan favorite for a while now.

There are many more maps and addons to choose from on the steam workshop! Our team at Iceline Hosting definitely recommends checking these ones out but you can also look for others.


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