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We’ve become an official partner at Tebex, a donation & monetization platform built for the gaming industry! We’re excited to see our customers build their own web-store to allow them to fund their community.

What is Tebex?

Tebex allows users to accept donations and monetize their game server by creating their own web-store. The design of the web-store can be modified using Tebex’s powerful theme editor. Tebex supports various games such as Minecraft, Garry's Mod, FiveM, CSGO, Ark:SE, and many more! Tebex allows the web-store and the game server to be linked to allow for automation! Once a player donates for a package, specific commands can be run to provide the player with their donation perks!

Web-Store Example:

Why Tebex?

Tebex provides both free, and paid plans which provide flexibility to all types of gaming communities. Whether you just need a simple web-store to allow for small donations, or you need a complex web-store with team accounts and more, Tebex has got you covered! Tebex provides an intuitive control panel interface to allow you to manage every aspect of your web-store, review the plans & features below:

Tebex Partnership Benefits

As we have become an official partner for Tebex, any users who signup with our partnership link gains access to the Ultimate Plan for 30 days for FREE! What are you waiting for? Try Tebex today and start funding your gaming community!