What Is Trevor Henderson in Gmod?

Trevor Henderson is a mod pack for your GMod server. It creates a fun, roleplaying experience that you can enjoy with all of your friends. There are several mods that come with the Trevor Henderson mod pack. These mods include creatures that you can spawn while in-game. You can spawn these creatures and once you and your teammates are ready, you can turn on the AI so that they will come to look for you and attack you if you are found.

What Are Some of the Creatures in the Pack?

The Trevor Henderson mod pack for your GMod server comes with many new creatures that you can mess around with and play with. Some of these creatures include:

  • Siren Head – An entity that is 40 feet tall and as its title says, has a  head with two sirens on it

  • Cartoon Cat – it has large, soulless eyes bulging out of his head, all black fur, white gloves with three black darts, and a mouth with bloody flesh exposed and gums torn.

  • Big Charlie – a giant creature who is passive, to begin with, although, when made angry this is a giant you don’t want to encounter!

  • Bonesworth – A creepy skeleton that has arms for legs, it seems his lower body was somehow cut off and now only has the upper torso with long arms as legs.

There are so many more creatures that the full Trevor Henderson mod pack has to offer and I definitely think it’s worth the download! If you like to play Garry’s Mod with your friends, then this is something you are going to want to try. This pack can provide countless hours of content if you allow it to!

How Is Trevor Henderson Better Than Other Creature Packs?

The Trevor Henderson mod pack is widely used across the Garry’s Mod community. This is because it includes some of the best creatures you can add to your GMod server. Most people like this particular mod because of how well the NPC’s are developed. They are challenging to survive against which in most cases makes it really fun to try and defeat them with friends! The creatures in this pack also have “execution” attacks where in some cases they will literally rip your head right off your body to finish you off!

Where Can I Download the Mod?

To download the Trevor Henderson mod pack please follow this link here

How to Install the Trevor Henderson Mod Pack On Your GMod Server

  • Navigate to the download page for the mod here
  • Next, you want to click on where it says “Add to collection”
  • Select the collection you want to add it to (if you don’t have one yet create one)
  • After the collection is made, make sure you have published it, then copy the link to your workshop collection you just made
  • Go onto your Iceline Hosting game panel, go to the startup parameters, and paste the link into the “workshop ID” section. **Make sure you delete everything except the numbers at the end of the link**
  • Click “Update startup parameters” at the bottom and restart your GMod server!


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