What Is Virtual Reality (VR) in Garry’s Mod?

Virtual reality is a fully immersive gaming experience that allows you to hook up a VR headset and controllers to your PC enabling you to control certain things while in-game. Recently in the Garry’s Mod community, there was an addon/tool that allows the game to be compatible with almost all the most common VR headsets and systems. The GMod server mod is called “VR Mod” and it’s available on the Steam workshop.

What VR Headsets Work With This Mod?

This mod will support most of the popular VR headsets to date. The VR headset that I would recommend using is the Steam VR Headset. This headset will work the best as it’s built off the steam VR module. However, this headset will work with all supported headsets from steam VR. Another one to look at would be the Oculus VR headsets, these will also work. However, in some cases, they may be a bit buggy.

Steam VR Headset:

Oculus VR Headset:

Should You Get This Mod?

Absolutely! If you are someone who has a VR headset and is in the need of some games to try out and play, we definitely recommend trying this mod out. Garry’s Mod in itself is a fun interactive game anyway with tons of NPCs to spawn and endless content that you create! The GMod server mod itself is pretty well developed though it came out a year ago so there are still some bugs and crashes, but that’s to be expected since VR wasn’t really supposed to be a part of GMod servers. Nevertheless, the mod still functions quite well and is a ton of fun to play if you have a VR headset laying around!

How Do We Download This Mod?

If you have decided that you want to give the GMod server mod a shot, you can download it straight from the steam workshop here. Once you have “subscribed” to the mod on steam you are going to want to follow the quickstart guide.

Quickstart Guide:

1. Subscribe to this workshop addon
2. Install the mod files found above
3. Right-click GMod in your Steam library, go to properties, and disable “SteamVR Desktop Game Theater”
4. Temporarily disable all other addons to avoid conflicts. You can do this easily through the GMod main menu
5. Enter a map using the Sandbox game mode
6. Open the VRMod menu by entering “vrmod” into the console, and press the “Start VR” button
7. Read the rest of this workshop description for any problems you may have encountered.

For more info on controls and FAQ’s please visit the workshop description for the mod.

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