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Secure your server with our innovative DDoS protection


The latest developments in DDoS protection, at an affordable price - no matter how strong an attack is, it shouldn't be able to bring down your server with Iceline Shield on your side.

What is a DDoS attack?

DDoS attacks aim to make a service or infrastructure unavailable by sending a very high volume of concurrent requests from different sources, all over the internet.

Our DDoS Protection will protect you against all types of DDoS attacks. This includes TCP, UDP, DNS, IP fragmentation and ICMP attacks.

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Layer 4 attack detected

104Mbps - 12:30pm

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Layer 7 attack detected

312Mbps - 12:23pm

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Layer 7 attack detected

167Mbps - 11:12pm


Every angle covered

  • icons--checkmark icon Layer 4 and Layer 7
  • icons--checkmark icon Unstable Pings
  • icons--checkmark icon Bandwidth Saturation
  • icons--checkmark icon Unlimited Strength
  • icons--checkmark icon Works with Popular Games, including FiveM™
  • icons--checkmark icon More Games Coming Soon


Whether you’re looking to beef up your security for one of our servers or something outside, we’ve got you covered with plans to suit your needs


For use with your Iceline server

  • icons--checkmark icon Layer 3, 4 and 7
  • icons--checkmark icon Low Latency
  • icons--checkmark icon Unlimited Bandwidth
  • icons--checkmark icon No Speed Caps
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For servers outside our network

  • icons--checkmark icon Layer 3, 4 and 7
  • icons--checkmark icon Redundant Network
  • icons--checkmark icon Anycast Network
  • icons--checkmark icon Smart Routing
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4.8/5 Trustpilot

Server Hosting

Iceline is the best you can get due to there services being cheap for what they do compared to other hosting providers. Whether its Minecraft, Rust, FiveM anything like that its the best. The staff team is so nice and helpful. Being a developer and for what I do its helping me with income. I had lots of issues setting up my server. When I needed help I made a ticket and they helped me. I Always will use iceline and be a customer! Therefore I reccomend iceline to anyone new or old to developing.

Server Hosting

I've been using Iceline Hosting for quite a while, and my most recent server has been up for 2 months. So far, I love it. Their panel is very easy to access and use, the servers are very cheap (like small servers cost literal dollars cheap), and the uptime is amazing. Only once in my experience has the server in my area been down, and that only lasted for an hour or two for maintenance. Overall, great hosting service. I've had nothing but great experiences, and their support has always been helpful, understanding, and respectful. I mean, it's literally perfect.

Server Hosting

I've been using Iceline Hosting for about 7 months and it was my first time hosting outside of my own computer. Still fairly new to this whole FiveM stuff but the experience on Iceline has been amazing. The support goes even beyond what they offer. Setting up my server(s) was easier than I thought.

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