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Local DDoS Protection

Professional-grade DDoS mitigation to remotely protect your server from DDoS attacks.

Game Hosting

Does your game server always go down when you need it most? Do you want to ensure that your gaming experience won't be interrupted by someone trying to DDoS and take your server down? Our Iceline Shield will keep your server running smoothly all day long.

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Game VPS Hosting

We offer Iceline Shield for Game VPS's to allow you to host a game server, whilst still being able to utilise cutting-edge DDoS protection. Our Game VPS DDoS Protection includes monitoring and protection against the latest threats to the gaming industry.

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Classic VPS Hosting

Hosting a website, database or other application which is exposed to the internet leaves you prone to DDoS attacks. With more and more sophisticated attacks being launched everyday, it's time to get the right protection!

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Web Hosting

DDoS attacks targeted towards websites account for the majority of DDoS attacks launched. Website downtime can cost money and disrupt customer relations. Focus on what's important to you, and allow us to protect your site for you!

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