Why Add Jobs to Your Server?

Adding jobs to your FiveM Server can make the world your playing in more immersive. Jobs also create activities for your players to jump on and do to earn in-game cash! In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to add some basic jobs to your server. In this case, we will be using esx_policejob

How to Add Jobs

**Make sure to download the plugin’s dependencies as well.**

There are also some more that you may want to download you will find those on the GitHub page.

  1. Navigate to https://github.com/esx-framework/esx_policejob there you will download the plugin.
  2. From there open up your FTP program or file manager and drag the resource folder into your resources folder
  3. Go to your server.cfg and type start resourceName in this case we are using esx_policejob so I would do “start esx_policejob”
  4. Make sure to configure the config file for the plugin so you can set it up how you want it!
  5. Once this is done you now need to import the SQL file that comes with the plugin into your database. To do that open up Heidi SQL and open the SQL file with your database. From there you want to click on the “run” icon to run the SQL file so that the data is imported.
  6. Done! You now have installed the job!

You can repeat these steps for any job. However in this case we used esx_policejob. Make sure to always check the dependencies when installing a plugin.

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Facing Any Issues?

Make sure that you have followed all the steps exactly and make sure that you upload the SQL file. Even after you’ve tried all this, but you’re still facing issues? You can always make a support ticket at any time and we will respond within our business hours.