What Is Oxide?

Oxide is a mod for Rust Servers that allows you to install plugins to your Rust Hosting server. Oxide is very popular in Rust and it’s easy to use. It allows you to add “mods” to your Rust hosting server to create a different survival experience.

How to Install Oxide on Your Rust Hosting Server

  1. Go to the Oxide website.
  2. Download Oxide Linux.
  3. Make a folder called “Oxide” and extract all in the folder.
  4. Turn off your Rust server.
  5. Connect to your SFTP via FileZilla.
  6. Go back to your folder “Oxide” and find a folder called “Oxide.Rust-Linux”
  7. Upload “Rust Dedicated_Data” in the root directory in your FileZilla.
  8. Remember to overwrite all files, and press continue.
  9. Restart your Rust hosting server, and try to login to your Rust servers.

Facing Any Issues?

If you have installed the Oxide and it’s not loaded onto your Rust hosting server, make sure that your server is running without errors and check that the Oxide version you downloaded is for the same version of Rust that your server is running. Still having problems? Feel free to contact our support team.