What Is a Sub-User?

So what is a sub-user? A sub-user is a way of giving access to other administrators who may be helping you with your server. This can also include developers and anyone else who you may think needs access to control your server. Within our game panel for our game server hosting services, you can manage certain permissions for your sub-users. If you feel you only want an individual to be able to start/stop the server, you can do that! There’s also a ton more permissions you can either grant or not.

Why Would a Sub-User Benefit Your Server?

A sub-user can greatly benefit you and your server. For example, if you have a developer that needs to go in and upload files or maybe even edit some files, you can specifically set it so that they can do this without having to access the entire panel. There are many options to configure for each sub-user which makes it great for server owners using game server hosting to manage their team.

How to Add a Sub-User

To add a sub-user make sure you are logged into your game panel account, and navigate to the panel.

  1. Navigate to https://game.iceline.host and select the server
  2. Once at your server’s console, go to the Users tab
  3. You should now be on the main sub-user page. Look for a button labeled Add new user
  4. You will be presented with the screen to type in the sub-users email address they would like to use. Type it in a select the permissions you would like that sub-user to have or just select all
  5. Once you have all the permissions set, you’re ready to send them the request. Hit “Add new sub-user” and tell them to check their emails for login details
  6. Done! You have now set that person(s) as a sub-user

Facing Any Issues?

Make sure you have followed the tutorial completely and thoroughly. If you are still having trouble, you can reach out to our support team at any time and we will reply back within our office hours!

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