Palworld is the game everyone's been talking about recently. Developed by Pocket Pair, Inc. Palworld is a survival game where you can gather resources and build bases in a world inhabited by the mysterious 'pals', a whole set of creatures that can be captured and used to help you with some of the tasks such as fighting, traveling and. The open world of Palworld can be enjoyed in single-player, but you can also hop with your friends or community thanks to the multiplayer functionalities included in the game, with the possibility of creating your own server.

But there's a trick, in a server list filled with hundreds if not thousands of servers how would you identify your server? Simple, with a custom, unique, and identifiable name, this can save you hours of nonsense search and is part of the essential identity of the server and the community.

Creating a good and unique name for your Palworld server will help you distinguish your server from others and may help you stand out! In this guide, we'll show you how to change your Palworld Server Name!

Before Starting

Palworld has multiplayer functionalities and this guide is oriented to Palworld Servers, if you don't have a server then consider using Iceline Hosting, we offer Palworld Server Hosting and a 99% uptime rate along with many functions through our Game Panel to help you easily manage your server. All our services also come with DDoS protection to ensure your server stays online!

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Palworld Iceline Hosting Page

Through the Game Panel

Changing your server name through Iceline's Game Panel is very easy, just follow these steps!

  • In your game panel, go to your server console
Palworld Server Console
  • In the menu bar, go to the Startup tab
Palworld Startup Parameters
  • Scroll down until you see the Server Name variable.
  • Change it to any value of your choice and press Enter, in this example, we've set the server name to Test Server for Palworld.
Changing Palworld Server Name in the Game Panel

That's it! the Iceline Game Panel is designed to ease the management process and let you change the server details easily without looking into the configuration files. Other aspects can be managed through the Startup tab, feel free to read this guide to learn How to Manage your Palworld Server.

Through the configuration file

If needed, you can also edit your server name through the configuration file without any problems, the process is more or less the same.

  • In your Game Panel, go to your server's console.
  • Turn off the server
Palworld Server Console 2
  • In the menu bar, click on the Files tab.
Palworld Server File Manager
  • This will display the file manager from the server, now you'll need to go to Pal>Saved>Config>LinuxServer.
  • Here you will find a bunch of configuration files for your Palworld Server, scroll down until you see the PalWorldSettings.ini file and open it.
Configuration file for the Palworld Server

This file contains some of the configurable aspects of your server such as the capture and exp ratios, but in this guide, we'll be looking for the ServerName variable.

  • Locate the ServerName variable, you can use the "Ctrl + F" search option.
  • Replace the content inside the quotation marks with anything of your choice, click on the Save Content button at the right bottom corner when you're done.
Changing Palworld Server Name in the Configuration File
In this example we've set the ServerName variable to 'Test Server for Palworld'

Facing any issues?

Palworld is a game still on Early-Access and there could be some bugs, the developers are working extensively to have these issues fixed with each release but this may take a while. If you experience any issues with your server or require assistance please feel free to contact us through a ticket at any moment, we'll be more than happy to assist you!