What Is a Player Model?

A player model is a character that you play as in Garry’s Mod. In Garry’s Mod, you can choose from many different types of player models. To get your very own player models, you can download them from the steam workshop and add them to your GMod server just like other Garry’s Mod addons.

How to Download and Use Your Player Models:

To download player models, make sure that you go onto the steam workshop. You can look up pretty much anything, there are tons of custom models that were made to be compatible with Garry’s Mod.

Quickstart Guide:

  1. Navigate to the Garry’s Mod Steam workshop found here
  2. Find a player model that you would like to download. For example, in this tutorial I will be using Mr. Meeseeks found here
  3. Subscribe & add it to your steam collection and restart your server (No server? Start your GMod server hosting at Iceline Hosting now)
  4. When in-game, press the “Q” key while playing “GMod” to open the main “GMod” menu. Click the “Options” tab in the upper-right corner of the main “GMod” menu to open the options menu. Click the “Model” entry under the “Player” header of the options menu to open the character selection menu. Click on a character model to select that character, then press “Q” to close the main “GMod” menu.
  5. Now you have changed your player model. However, for it to update you need “kill” yourself in-game by doing the “kill” command in your Garry’s Mod console.

Facing Any Issues?

Make sure that you have followed the quickstart guide step-by-step. You should check that you have made your steam collection public and uploaded the player model to it. Are you still facing issues even after you’ve checked all this? You can submit a ticket to Iceline hosting’s support team at any time and we will reply within office hours!

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