Why Would You Change Your Servers Version?

Many of us like to be on the most up to date version of Minecraft, therefore when a new version comes out for Minecraft you want to update your server so that you can get all the latest updates! In other cases updating your Minecraft version can be helpful to those who want to install specific plugins that have not yet been released on newer builds.

How to Change Your Minecraft Server Version?

  1. Navigate to https://game.iceline.host/ and go to your server’s console.
  2. Next, in the left-side menu, you will see under configuration “version selector” click on this and it will bring up a page with all the current Minecraft versions that we have available to install. Vanilla, Spigot, Craftbukkit, and Paper.
  3. On the list of versions, simply select the version that you want to use for your server and click “Install”.
  4. Wait for it to install and done! You have now installed a new Minecraft version. Boot up your server and your good to go!

Facing Any Issues?

Make sure that you have followed the tutorial step by step. If you are still facing issues after checking through the steps, you can always create a support ticket and we will respond back within our business hours.

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