Why Change Your Iceline Virtual Private Server Password?

Every so often it’s best to change your virtual private server password to something new — especially if you use the same password across multiple accounts. Updating your virtual private server password is easy if you are already logged into your account(s).

How to Change Your Billing Area Password

  1. Login to your billing area
  2. Go to Change Password
  3. Type in your new password and click “Save Changes”

How to Change Your Game Panel Password

  1. Go to the Iceline Game Panel
  2. Go to My Account
  3. Type in your current password, and the new password
  4. Click “Submit”

Facing Any Issues?

Please make sure you have typed in your current password correctly and the new passwords match. If you are still unable to change your password, you can try resetting it on the login pages. Please contact our support via ticket if you’re still running into issues.