vMenu Permissions

In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure and run your vMenu on a FiveM Server. There will be multiple examples of what you must do so it can work correctly. If this tutorial is followed correctly, you will have no issues with running this resource on your FiveM Server Hosting server from Iceline Hosting.

Please remember to not set any permissions to deny inside the permissions.cfg

Installing vMenu

  • When downloaded, you can choose to upload it to your Iceline FiveM server or you can choose to extract it on the desktop of your computer so we can start the configuration process.
  • When you have extracted the file, go to the location of your vMenu folder, head into the folder and find a folder called /config/, you will then see a permissions.cfg inside the folder. This is your permissions file and you are going to be using this to set up the Menus Permissions.

Setting up Permissions

Section A: Creating Groups and adding permissions to them

A1: Creating a group and adding players to it.

To create a group and add a player to it, add the text below somewhere into your Permissions.cfg file. In this example, we’ll use the steam identifier as an example.

add_principal identifier.steam:<steam_id_here> group.<groupName>

For example, if we wanted to add ourselves to the admin group, we would do so like this:

add_principal identifier.steam:11000101234567 group.admin 

A2: Giving group permissions

If we wanted to give group permissions, it’s simple as adding ace permissions. An example is below showing how we can add access to the full Online Players menu. 

add_ace group.admin “vMenu.OnlinePlayers.Menu” allow

add_ace group.admin “vMenu.OnlinePlayers.Menu” allow

A3: Summary of the A Section

With this part of the permissions config done, you should now be able to go in-game and access that menu. This can be used to set other permissions as well such as the vehicle menus, weapon access and so much more.

Here is a example of how your Permissions file should look now:

add_principal identifier.steam:11000101234567 group.admin

add_ace group.admin “vMenu.OnlinePlayers.Menu” allow

add_ace group.admin “vMenu.OnlinePlayers.Menu” allow

Section B: How to Deny Certain Permissions

B1: If you want to deny a permission, you have to put a “#” in front of the text. For example:

#add principal identifier.steam:11000101234567 group.admin

Section C: Starting your resource

C1:  Once you have configured your “permissions.cfg” save the file.

C2: Locate your server.cfg file in the “file manager”, Open the file and type Start vMenu. Then, under that, type exec permissions.cfg and save.

C3: Restart your FiveM server.

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