Palworld is a Survival game where you can train and tame unique creatures named 'Pals' to assist you with tasks on your base and fight against enemies like bosses with special abilities, Pals can also be used to explore the world, collect resources, and defend the base against raids, and you can expand your mini-empire through the world with multiple bases, given all this possibilities, why do it alone?

One of the great points about Palworld is that you can create your own servers to play with your friends or community, with a Palworld Server, both you and your friends will be able to progress and explore in the same world, and with a hosting provider such as Iceline Hosting you can keep the server up and running 24/7 without any issues, so you and your friends can access at any time and progress at their own rhythm.

Keep in mind that as of February 2024, the Palworld version available on the Xbox Game Pass isn't compatible with dedicated server hosting, but you can host and play private and small servers with your friends just fine.

Before Starting

To connect to the server you will need to purchase Server Hosting, fortunately, Iceline Hosting offers Palworld Server Hosting with a 99% uptime rate and many functions available through our Game Panel to help you easily manage your server. Furthermore, all our services also come with DDoS protection to ensure your server stays online! Get ready to start your Palworld Journey today with Iceline Hosting!

If you have already purchased a server with us and got access to the game panel, then you'll only need to use the server IP to join, but where can you find the Server IP?

Easy, the Server IP can be located in 3 places:

  • Down to the server's name on the game panel
Palworld Test Server IP
  • On the menu located to the right of the server's console (If you're using mobile view then this will be located down to the server's console).
Palworld Test Server IP - Menu
  • And under the "Network" tab as the primary allocation.
Palworld Test Server IP - Network Tab

You can manually copy one of these IPs or click on them and they will be automatically copied to your clipboard.

I've located my server IP, so How do I connect to the Server now?

Now that you've located and copied your server IP, the next step is connecting to the Palworld Server, which is really easy and you'll only need to follow these steps:

  • Open Palworld and click on 'Join Multiplayer Game'
  • This will display the server's list.
  • You'll see a search box down to the server list, paste your server IP and click on 'Connect'

You'll load into the server, but there's also another way to join your server, through the Community Servers option from the server list.

How can I connect to the server through the Community Servers list?

While the server IP is the easiest and guaranteed way to join the server, you can also join the server through the Community Servers list proven that you've already configured the server name, just follow these steps:  

  • Open Palworld and click on 'Join Multiplayer Game'.
  • This will display the server's list.
  • Click on the 'Community Servers' button.
  • Type your server name on the search bar and click on 'Search'.
  • Locate your server and click twice on it to join.

This method is heavily reliant on a custom, unique, and identifiable server name for your community, this will help you distinguish your server from others and can attract new players! Learn how to change your server name with this guide.

And that's it! with these simple steps, you are now able to join the server anytime you want, and the server will also be displayed under the 'Recent Servers' tab to speed up future connection attempts.

Facing any issues?

Palworld is a game still on Early-Access and there could be some bugs, the developers are working extensively to have these issues fixed with each release so keep an eye on their official website. If you experience any issues with your server or require assistance please feel free to contact us through a ticket at any moment, we'll be more than happy to assist you!